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Foreign Drama -The Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy-p2.jpg

The Werewolf Boy

125 minutes 2012

Song Joong Ki is incredible.  He portrays a dog better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  For a country that has not valued their pets, Joong Ki must have studied dog’s months before playing this part.  Small details that others often miss, he brings to the surface with expertise.

I put off watching this movie until I learned Joong Ki was the primary male actor.  This I still didn’t watch it -however, today there was nothing I  was interested in.  I’ve caught up with the releases in my fav dramas hitting Drama Fever screens right now -Top of my list is the new drama with Kim Woo Bin (Uncontrollably Fond), Beautiful Gong Shim, and Ji Hyun Woo’s new drama (Wanted).  I don’t want to forget Park Shin Hye’s new drama (Doctor Crush).

I can hardly start a day without appeasing my Kdrama addiction -so I chose this movie.  I loved it!

Park Bo Young -most recently seen in Oh My Ghost, was perfect.  All young girls can remember when her first love consumed her daily thought.  Watching Bo Young’s character try and study and quickly grabbing the book on training dogs -this is the moment a flip begins, and the girl who was repelled by the dog/boy, learns how love grows with a force we cannot resist.  Of course, since this boy is a werewolf -it also justifies why we should be careful who we hang around.  How can this possibly end well?

I will mention Yoo Yeon Seok here not because he left a positive memory for me in this movie, but out of respect for the other dramas I’ve seen him in.  I recognized him instantly, as he is an actor who should be noted –Mrs. Cop, Gu Family Book, and Warm and Cozy.  I am not saying he didn’t deliver in this movie, as he did.  I just despised the arrogant character he portrayed.  I probably wouldn’t have mentioned him otherwise.

In the U.S., we loved Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.  He was strong, and super cool.  In the end, Michael even got the girl of his dreams.  Odd, right?  What girl would want to be married to a werewolf?

Just as girls swooned over vampires after the release of the Twilight Saga, girls dreamed of Michael as the athletic werewolf.  This is not the case in this movie.  Joong Ki does not win his classmates over.  There is no tribal warfare between the werewolfs and the vampires.  This is a lone boy, an experimental guinea pig, who finds his pack and the girl he would die to protect.  As he learns to become a human, others hunt him down like the dog they believe he is.

As a child, I was told the story about loving a wild pet.  It is better to set them free, and if they come back to you -beside you is where they will always be.  This werewolf boy must be set free by the girl who loves him.  A moment that rips at your gut as, she leaves his side.  At the last moment, before she leaves the farm, she tells him to wait.  She promises to come back.

Will he wait?  Does she return?  Will their love ever be okay?  This is a heartbreaking story that can’t possibly have a happy ending -yet the sadness brings with it beauty, true love, and humanity.  I hope you check it out.

Cinematography  9
Script  9
Music 9
Acting  10
Story  9

Total Score




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