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Foreign Drama -Beautiful Gong Shim

Beautiful Gong Shim-p1.jpg

Beautiful Gong Shim

20 episodes 2016

Namgung Min is a talented actor.  I still think he impressed me the most as the evil man in The Girl Who Sees Smells.  Yet, his wonderful talent at being silly, is endearing.  This is an actor you see over and over.

  1. Wild Chive’s and Soybean Soup
  2. I Need Romance 3
  3. Cheongdam-dong Alice
  4. Becoming A Billionaire
  5. My Secret Hotel

He also participated in TV show, We Got Married Season 4.  I never got to see that, but I really enjoyed those shows.  If you haven’t seen the two available, you should check them out.  One has Heechul and Hong Ki, the other one has Key and another guy.

Bang Minah is so cute wearing that stupid looking wig, believing it is better then people potentially seeing her bald spot.  By the end, I was convinced she was cuter with the wig then without.  Currently, I am watching The Master’s Sun, where she is a high-school student.  Minah is part of the girl group –Girl’s Day.

Minah also sang a song for this drama: My First Kiss

Seo Hyo Rim portrays a greedy and beautiful sister who is jealous of average looking Gong Shim.  She wants it all, and will betray Gong Shim to have it.  She is popular actress and her repertoire includes:

  1. Endless Love
  2. Master’s Sun
  3. Scent of A Woman
  4. Sungkyungkwan Scandal
  5. The Winter the Wind Blows.

On Joo WanThe Time We Were Not in Love and Punch are two of his films.  This guy is cute and he showed he can pull a character together as a sweet innocent type or be ruthless.  It doesn’t hurt that he looks so good in those white pants with a blue business jacket.

The whole cast did a wonderful job pulling this comedy together.  I consider it a comedy because Gong Shim and Minah were such free spirits they kept the drama light despite the heavy material that included kidnapping, parental favoritism, and family betrayal.

Cinematography  9
Script 9
Music 9
Acting  9
Story  9
Total Score 9♥


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