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The Inequal Distribution Of Choice

This posts shows the power behind our words that can help another to heal, or bring them harm. Honest and true. We, as writers sharing our thoughts need to consider the words we write.


“What do I do” offers a range of options. But the real question is, “What can I do”. Perhaps we are not in direct contact with injustice, but we may see people, we may know people suffering horrendously. Words can bring awareness but it is not a final solution.

I see people. I know people who go through arduous tasks in life. I’m not talking about the millions dying because of war or starvation. I’m not talking about statistics dealing with violence and injustice. I’m talking about those around us who are not given the freedom to express, those around us who are barred from doing what we usually do, those around us who are deprived of childhood, of love, of humanity. I’m talking about what we assume to be an act of injustice but are left with nothing to do. I’m talking about helplessness. Whom can we call up? Would…

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I am a mother of 16 children and grandchildren. Some of them are by blood and the rest by heart. I was a foster mom for a few years and the children I cared for during that time have mostly stayed with me through the years. I love to write, read, dance, paint, and play with my animals. I enjoy dressage riding and just being in the barn. My words are my gift, as they allow you to know me as I really am. Thanks for joining me on this ride of life!

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