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Foreign Drama: You’re My Pet

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You Are My Pet

110 Minutes 2011

Oh I love Jung Guen Suk but this movie was just about awful.  Guen Suk doesn’t even begin to show his charisma until nearly the end and then there are only moments that he shines.  A couple of the pictures of him in the semi-dark are amazing!

First of all, a man being a woman’s pet is stupid.  What makes it even worse is that he acts like a dog.  I love my pets but the last thing I want is my husband to act like one.  Where is the sexiness in that?

I understand the storyline.  This woman can’t trust other enough to let them in so the best way to get to her is to come in the back door, so you are a part of her life without her suspecting it.

First, what women would actually treat a man as a pet, forgetting he is a man?  Okay, maybe there are some people out there whom are into this type of foreplay -you may love this!

Second, she ends up actually falling for a man like this, and turns into a reversal of these roles.  I’ve done some goofy, stupid, embarrassing things in my life time, but this is just out of my realm of enjoyment.

I like, no, I LOVE, the Guen Suk who moves in confidently to take what he wants and leaves little doubt what he is capable of: You’re Beautiful.  I also love the side of Guen Suk that shows his incredible talent as an actor -like Daebak.

Guen Suk talking about showing her just how ‘hung’ he is and then pulling down his pants and subsequently pulls up his t-shirt to show legs that are not masculine in strength -not my cup of tea.  If you are going to tease me -tease me with a sight that will get me excited.

Then, let’s add the whole famous dancer bit.  I’m a dancer, and despite Guen Suk completing the moves he was given -this is far from a man who has practice ballet since he was four.  Ugh!!!!!!

No, there is just no way to make this a good movie other then the rare scenes when Guen Suk is given the direction to shine (or just stand there and look like -well, him).

I might mention Kim Ha Neul as the lead female.  Truthfully, it was such a dumb movie that it is an insult to mention either of these two talented actors.

Cinematography  8
Script  3
Music  4
Acting  9
Story  3
Total Score  5.4
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