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Foreign Drama -Doctor Crush

Doctors (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg

Doctor Crush

20 episodes 2016

After Heirs then Pinocchio, I think I expected to much from Park Shin Hye.  Of course she was terrific -but she had no chemistry with Kim Rae Won.

Kim Rae-Won-p2.jpgKim Rae Won was adorable, cute, handsome and sweet.  His chemistry was sweet and endearing!  Yet, the drama lacked the power, the fire, the passion she shared with Lee Min Ho and Lee Jung Suk.  I don’t know why, it just wasn’t there.

You may remember Rae Won from Gangnam Blues.  He also has two other new dramas this year: The Prison and RV: Resurrected Victims.

Now, I understand there was so much more to this drama then just two people falling in love.  This drama is about life, death, revenge and forgiveness.  In all of these areas -this drama rocked.  Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won both delivered a powerful performance, along with an amazing cast.

I can’t talk about this drama without mentioning the wonderful performance of a real cutie: Lee Sang Yoeb.Sang-Yeop Lee.jpg  This actor had such a tiny part but he was impactful.  I believe we will see much more of him.  We have two other possibilities released this year: My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week and The Master of Revenge.

Now, the other adorable little romances going on.  Let’s begin with this slow moving romance between Jo Hyun Sik and Moon Ji In.  Just goes to show that if a man has his heart set on a woman, and he slowly shoes her is loving character, he could very well win her heart.

Yoon Gyun Sang an Lee Sung Kyung -This one was never going to happen since Gyun Sang’s character is madly in love with Park Shin Hye’s character.  Why do Korean dramas always say that a one-sided love is still a happy love?

Sung Kyung Won an award for her performance in Flower of the Queen in 2015.  She has another drama this year too.  Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is her 5th drama since 2014.  She was also in That’s Okay, It’s Love and The Cheese Trap.

Yoon Gyun Sang Yoon Gyun-Sang-p1.jpg is the wonderful big brother of Lee Jung Suk in Pinocchio that we all fell in love with.  What a cutie!  He was also in Faith, The Time We Were Not In Love and Flying Dragons.

Then finally we have to talk about another sweet romance between Sung Kyung and Baek Sung Hyun.  Now that I think about it -was there a guy Sung Kyung’s character didn’t fall in love with during this drama?  I don’t think so.  However, this was the one that worked.  You couldn’t help bur root for him from the beginning.

Other great actors and performances:

  1. Kim Young Ae
  2. Jung Hae Kyun
  3. Joen Kuk Kwan
  4. Eom Hyo Soep
  5. Kim Min Suk -so cute!
  6. Lee Sun Ho
  7. Kal So Won
  8. Namgung Nim -surprising cameo appearance.
  9. Nim’s two sons

No matter how you twist this drama it was great.  I only missed the passion Shin Hye typically gives to her romance scenes as well as the full drama.  I think this was intentional, as her character was so distant and focused on revenge.  The final scene nearly gave me chills but when they broke from the passionate kiss there was just a break and a smile.  Yes, it was a deep love they expressed at that moment -but where was the passion?  I guess maybe it is just me.

Cinematography  9
Script 9
Music 6
Acting 9
Story  9
Total Score  8.4






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