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Foreign Drama -Cheese in the Trap

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Cheese in the Trap

16 episodes w/a bonus episode 2016

I suppose we all have an mental illness of some kind -only some are much worse off than the average person.  We grow up accepting our limitations without understanding what makes us different from the rest.  Yoo Jung is a psychopath.  He doesn’t understand emotion that is outside his own mind.  He enacts revenge on those who treat him differently or wrong him -without compassion.

That all begins to unravel when he notices Hong Seul.  At first, he doesn’t like her and when she figures out his complying, kind nature is fake she fears him.

So what changes?

From there on out, everything changes.  As these two find one another in a world where they both feel overwhelmed by the demands others place upon them -they begin to find peace while the rest begin to fall apart.  Sad!

We judge the different, and take advantage of their desperate need to be accepted.  But, have we ever once stopped to discover our own weaknesses and asked ourselves -am I okay?  I would bet most of you are not.

This is a beautiful drama about learning to work with others and accept our limitations while striving to improve -only to the point we do not lose self.

The world is an empty, hallow place that becomes filled with sound, meaningless sound.  Finding that one person who takes the sound away -that is life!

Typically, I begin talking about the lead male.  You won’t find that tonight.  I am going to begin with Lee Sung Kyung.  Her performance was riveting!  What we illusion to must be the reality we seek.  No one shows this better then Sung Kyung in a performance I hope will earn her an award.  Powerful, painful and perfection.

Children get lost without direction, and this is In Ha and In Ho’s life.  One clings to a dream, while the other is broken and runs from those he longs to trust, while accepting the danger others offer.

Seo Kang Joon also gave a performance that was so powerful others thought he was stilling the lead from Park Hae Jin.

In Ho had to steal the lead for a few episodes so that everyone around him would be forced to collide, so all could find direction.  The destruction of this family began with revenge against In Ho for saying Yoo Jung was strange.  Once these two young men could reach the point where they both felt emotion for the other, there was only emptiness.

Kang Joon is a beautiful man with multi-talents.  He is a member of the Kpop band, 5urprise.  Not only can he sing, he also plays the piano with finesse.

Kim Go Eun has the largest part in this drama but her character is only a shadow among the greats that force her to become their leader in forgiveness and love, even while trust is a concern.  As we watch her fight to survive with only her own determination to hold her up and then watch her learn to trust a man who would deliberately plan out how to  hurt others in order to protect her we discover what makes her be the tie that forces minds and hearts to heal -It is her faithfulness.

Last, I will talk about Park Hae Jin.  Perfection.  This man was so convincing as Yoo Jung that I sometimes questioned whether the actor was indeed a psychopath.  Finding the no how to portray a person with an empty mind for others -there are no words.

If his beginning character wasn’t difficult enough try evolving into someone who learns to love.  This man didn’t know or understand the pain of others.  He couldn’t feel emotion naturally.  He was drawn to Hong Seul because he believed she was a devious as he was, and he’d found someone he could relate with.  In the end, he found his heart.

Hae Jin was so dynamic and convincing he will again play this role in the movie, Cheese in the Trap, coming out in 2017.  I can’t see how they could produce a movie that will add anything to this drama.  Nor, can I comprehend what Hae Jin will be able to deliver that he hasn’t already, but I hope I get a chance to see it.

Hold on, Kpop lovers.  I was convinced Uncontrollably Fond would take everything this year, with “W” stealing votes.  Now, I believe they have more competition.  If this drama and these actors don’t win multiple awards, somebodies not watching.

Cinematography  10
Script 10
Music 9
Acting  10
Story 10
Total Score  9.8♥






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