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Foreign Drama -The Fatal Encounter

The Fatal Encounter-p02.jpgThe Fatal Encounter or King’s Wrath

135 minutes 2014

I won’t tell you this is one of my favorites but it is still a good movie and of course, it stars Hyun Bin.  Hyun Bin portrays a king doing everything he can to save his kingdom from his mother and his life.

His eunuch –Jung Jae Young is taught to kill as a child, alongside his chosen brother, Cho Jung Seok.  He is placed in the palace, both still children, with the future plans of killing the king.  It backfires.  The eunuch becomes the kings closest companion and most trusted friend.

When Kab Soo’s brother Eul Soo arrives at the palace to kill the king, the eunuch must decided whether he will defend his king or die to save him.  Eul Soo will either kill the king or his brother.

This movie has some great scenes in both fighting and friendship.

I am unsure why his mother was plotting against her son -I can only surmise it is out of a sense of betrayal -as she wants to control the kingdom and her son thwarts her movements.

Cho Jae Hyun does not have a big part but it is a vicious part that is certainly worth mentioning.  His acts of terror against children is shocking.  When I envision Korea being a place that would ever use children in such a vial way -my heart grows dim in my love for the country.  Greed, hate and Godlessness are a horrible waste of life.

Cinematography  9
Script  8
Music 7
Acting  9
Story  8
Total Score  8.2



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