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Foreign Drama -I Remember You

Hello Monster-cp.jpgI Remember You or Hello Monster

16 episodes 2015

Seo In Guk (The Master’s Sun)portrays a highly skilled criminal profiler.  His father believes he is a monster and locks him up in the basement as a child.  After his dad dies, he moves to America an searches for answers.  When he must return to Korea to remember the memories he’s lost he runs into a childhood stalker, Jang Na Ra.

He doesn’t appear to have emotions he can rationalize or even understand -they sort of sneak up on him and then he isn’t sure what to do with them.

I own several of In Guk’s songs and absolutely love his voice.  If you are not already listening to him -check him out.  In Guk is a handsome man with an adorable dimple.

Jang Na Ra can’t let Lee Hyun go.  She wants to know his secrets and find out if he really is a murderer.(Mr. Baek and Fated to Love You)  Cha Ji An seems to understand what this monster needs and sticks by his side even though she is not sure who is protecting who and why.

These two are wonderful together and separately.  I truly enjoyed this drama for the subtle relationship they shared, romantically -and the powerful devotion they both had to capturing Lee Joon Ho.

Choi Young Won plays Lee Joon Ho brilliantly.  The small facial quirks let you see into his mind.  Not only is he a killer (who enjoys the act of killing or even other people killing) but he is also a vigilantly, if you can wrap your mind around that one.

Park Bo Gum is currently starring in Love in the Moonlight, which I think comes out as Moonlight in the Wind or something like that on Drama Fever.  He is such a talented actor who also has many facial twitches that pull you into his thoughts.  Sadly, he isn’t the good guy in this drama, but he isn’t evil and twisted because he chose that life -his mind twisted believing that was how you protected others.  Then Joon Ho takes over and teaches him to kill people to avenge his hate for his older brother.

I look forward to many more drama’s with this gorgeous actor.

This drama teaches us how a child’s mind can become what we categorize or Label them to be.  Sometimes, they will be strong enough mentally to overcome our ignorance but some will not.  For those who can’t undo the mental damage the outcome is far worse then we can imagine or comprehend.  Powerful!

Lee Chun Hee plays a hotshot investigating leader of Ji An’s team.  He’s in love with her and does whatever is needed to impress her.  Despite their friendship, she never sees him -until he confesses.

There were many talented actors in this drama but these were my favorites.

Cinematography  8
Script  10
Music  8
Acting 9
Story  10
Total Score  9♥



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