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Foreign Drama -Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Love in the Moonlight-p1.jpg

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds or Love In The Moonlight

18 episodes 2016




Park Bo Dam -Can you find an actor with more expressive eyes then this guy?  I love him!  His kiss scenes were very good despite their lack of depth.  He seemed to understand just how to go in to bring the optimum delivery.  Yet, I still hungered for more depth.

His character was the perfect drama for me.  Why?  He was smarter then everyone else and he was always able to rescue the woman he loved.  Not only that, there was nothing the bad people could do to bring him down.  If I was to fall in love today -I would want a man like this crowned prince.  He was… perfection!

Interestingly, the production company may be reprimanded for the kiss scene and the scene where Kim You Jung binds her breast.  You Jung is only 17 years old -and this is considered to risky. (Golden Rainbow, Secret Door, Angry Mom and Moon Embracing the Sun).  What a delight this young lady was throughout this drama.

Jin Young (Warm and Cozy) was adorable in this drama.  They way he held onto a love that was never going to happen, and giving his life so she could live even to the extent of turning on his family -WOW!

Chae Soo Bin made three dramas in 2015, Cheer Up, Sky and House of Bluebird which she won two awards for as Best New Actress.  I’ve not seen any of them, so if you have please tell us about them.  I’ve never cared for the ‘other woman’ but if you must suffer through a near marriage -she would certainly be one of the better choices.  Her character is warm and forgiving adding humbleness at the end.

Kwak Dong Yeon is a heartbreaker with his sword fighting dedicated love for both the crowned prince and the female eunuch.  This is his fourth drama this year alone.  He even got to act along side Bi Rain in Come Back Mister.  In 2014, he won Best Child Actor for his role in Middle School Student A.  He looks so mature in this drama but the kid was born in 1997, so he is only 19 years old.  Pretty amazing.  When you look at him outside the drama -he looks his age, a baby face.

Cheon Ho Jin plays a man who is subtly evil.  It isn’t until he tells his daughter that she should never expect his thoughts since she is the unwanted, illegitimate daughter of a giseang. He has made 30 dramas, including Bridal Mask, Princess Hours, Doctor Stranger , City Hunter and Good Doctor and 39 movies.  A busy man!

Han Soo Yeon portrays a woman scorned by her birth and then lifted to the rank of queen through trickery and murder.  When she cast out her own daughter, expecting her to be killed is when her demise begins.  Soo Yeon was in Hi! School -Love On!

Others worth mentioning:

  1. Park Chul Min
  2. Jang Gwang
  3. Lee Joon Hyuk
  4. Jo Hee Bong
  5. Ahn Nae Sang
  6. Jung Hye Seong
  7. Kang Joo Eun – Kid selling balloon
  8. An Se Ha
  9. Heo Jung Eun

My only complaint about this drama that kept me counting the days to see the next one… was -the ending.  This brought down my overall score.  It was cute that he told Ra On that she was his complete joy -but they rushed the ending and he never even married her.  What is that about?  At least, we don’t know that he married her.  They won us over week after week, drooling for the next episode and then they don’t take our breath away for the ending -WHY?  Disappointing!


Cinematography 10
Script  10
Music  9
Acting 9
Story  8
Total Score  9.2♥





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