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Foreign Drama -Scarlet Heart Ryeo

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Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

20 episodes 2016








Wow!  What a love story!  What a tragedy!  Lee Joon Ki and IU are perfect together.

Yet, I feel such agony over the ending.  Yes, it was perfect for this drama -because how else could it have ended?  I don’t know!  I really thought he would follow her to the future or he would be a man in her future, also reborn.  Maybe she wasn’t reborn, just transformed into a different life.  Then the king was real, with a real life and a real story -so to disappear would have been noticeable.  Aish!

We must also deal with their daughter.  How could he leave his child behind -even when her mother did.  He may not raise her, but she is still his.

If their love story wasn’t enough to break you down and rip out your heart, what about the love Prince Wang Jong gave her (Ji Soo).  Not only did he care for her each final moment of her life, he raised her child as his own.  This love was as endearing as the love Hae Soo shared with Wang So.

Ji Soo just had surgery in October for Osteomyelitis which is inflammation of the bones or something like that.  He is currently working on Fantastic.

Lee Joon Ki (The Last Joseon Gunman)has never been on my radar before but this drama has changed that.  He showed his power and stirred my heart.  There were times I could barely stand his character and simply didn’t understand his actions that drove them apart.  Did he catch the ‘king’ fever?  Or, did he believe everything he did was to protect Hae Soo?

Joon Ki will make his Hollywood debut in the movie Resident Evil The Final Chapter expected to come out January 27, 2017.  He will also star in the web drama titled Six First Kisses alongside Lee Jung Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Ok Taekyeon, and Kai.

Then when Wang So married Yeon Hwa (Kang Ha Na) I nearly fell out of my chair.  Was it not bad enough that he married another woman but then added pain over distraught by having sex with this woman and giving her a child?  I could barely get through this!  To me, it was the ultimate betrayal to Hae Soo.  I don’t blame her for wanting to leave the kingdom -even when she knew the kings hands were tied and multiple sex partners were expected of the king.

IU (The Producers) was perfect for this role.  She naturally has a softness to her that carried over into Hae Soo.  If you don’t already listen to her music you should check it out.  Her voice is melodious.  When we talk about Hae Soo, we must also discuss her first love with Wang Wook.  I knew from the beginning she would be won over by Wang So, but I was still bothered how she just jumped ship when Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) was trying to save and protect her just as Wang So did.  I don’t know, it felt dirty in my heart.  Yet, Wang Wook turned out to be an even uglier man then Wang So.

Why did Woo Hee (Seohyun) kill herself?  Did you get the reasoning behind it?  I understand she believed it would save the kingdom -but why?  I’m lost.  And, to leave behind that beautiful Prince Baek A (Nam Joo Hyuk) behind to suffer a lifetime without her.  Cruel!

Wang Eun (Baekhyun) and Park Soon Duk (Z.Hera) was another tragedy I didn’t understand.  Why did Wang Yo (Hong Jung Hyun) want them dead?  Did you understand this?  Did he simply go crazy?  If that is so, why did he let some brothers live?

This drama left me hungry for more and wanting to turn it off at the same time.  Then how  could I miss the next moment, the next tragedy, the next love scene?  Beauty in every scene, even when I hated it.  Did any of you feel the same way?

Who was my favorite characters?  I am torn between Lee Joon Ki and Ji Soo.  They both carried a deep love for Hae Soo that brought them through a lifetime.  They both suffered her loss and loved her daughter.  Yet, Ji Soo’s character did not abandon her even when she loved another man.  Not to mention both men are gorgeous!

Other actors that brought this drama to life

  1. Park Ji Young
  2. Jung Kyung Soon
  3. Woo Hee Jin
  4. Kim Sung Kyun

One thing I must bring to light.  I just can’t remember if this happened in this drama or Moonlight Drawn By Clouds.  There was a crazy man who barked at the dog.  That poor dog was clearly in distress.  It’s eyes were wide and the panting showed it had spent to long in the sun being tormented by this scene probably repeated over and over without any thoughts to the dogs needs on that short little chain without any shade or water.  Deeply disturbing!  In so many Korean dramas the dogs are placed on short chains but this was the first time I saw one in distress.  When will Asian countries learn the value of all life?  I hope soon!  This problem is very real for me and other animal activist.  I hate to end on this down note but he needs to be discussed.

Cinematography  10
Script 10
Music 9
Acting  10
Story  10
Total Score  9.8♥



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  1. “Wang Eun (Baekhyun) and Park Soon Duk (Z.Hera) was another tragedy I didn’t understand.”

    I think it was bec Wang Yo was afraid they would overthrow him — esp since Soon Duk’s dad was head general and controlled a sizeable army.

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