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Foreign Drama -Shopping King Louis

Shopping King Louis/Shopingwang Looi

Shopping King Louie-p1.jpg

16 episodes 2016

If you are looking for a different side to Seo In Guk this is the most hilarious side of him.  Trust me when I tell you, this actor has managed to put adorable, while maintaining a sexy into pathetic.

King Louie is a mere child in a man’s body -and his existence is torture to watch -at least until he escapes and meets Go Bok Sil.  The two of them are fabulous.  How she holds onto this child man without throwing in the towel and grows as a woman, a worker, a thinker is endearing.

Nam Ji Hyun is a new actress to me but she won Best New Actress in What Happens to My Family as well as Best New Couple, in 2014.  She also won Best Child Actress in Little Girl Detective Park Hae Sol, in 2012.

Yoon Sang Hyun is goofy in this drama.  Well, he is seriously serious while being utterly goofy.  What was with his clothes and hairdo’s?  Well, anyway, he does a wonderful job.

Im Se Mi  plays one of those characters you can’t decide if you hate or like (sort of).

Others who helped make this drama delightful are:

  1. Eom Hyo Seop
  2. Ryoo Ui Hyun
  3. Kim Kyu Cheol
  4. Oh Dae Hwan
  5. Hwang Young Hee
  6. Kim Sung Young
  7. Kim Young Ok

So many wonderful actors and actresses that helped make this drama well rounded, but it was still In Guk and Ji Hyun that brought it to life.  I find it hard to believe most people who are raised in the country, or wealthy child brats are this gullible and pathetic and then prosper to maturity and responsibility ‘together’ and individually.  For me, these two were simply over the top, but it did help to bring to light the struggles found on the streets of the city, and in business.

My music score isn’t great because some of the music was just plain bad and didn’t fit the moment for me.  Although, it has a better score then I would have given it because there were a couple of songs that were great.  The Way, sang by UMJI, can already be found at iTunes.  I hope you download it and enjoy her sweet music as much as me.

Cinematography  8
Script  8
Music  8
Acting 10
Story  10
Total Score  8.8



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