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Foreign Drama -Jealousy Incarnate

Jealousy Incarnate-p1.jpgJealousy Incarnate/Jiltooui Hwashin

24 episodes 2016

Funny, entertaining, sweet and competitive are words to explain this drama.

Cho Jung Seok (Oh My Ghost) is so funny in this drama he keeps you laughing but he is also good at making you cry.  A man with breast cancer is no laughing manner but watching him struggle with his manliness while walking the halls in a pink gown and getting a mammogram will get you on the floor rolling with laughter.

I love this guy!  He is so good at sexy and humor.

Pare him up with the amazing Gong Kyo Jin.  She has performed in countless movies and some big names

  • It’s Ok, This is Love
  • Master’s Sun
  • Flower Boy Ramen Shop
  • The Greatest Love
  • Pasta
  • and the unpopular drama, but well known –The Producers
  • Pasta

Ko Gyung Pyo really was the perfect guy in this drama but he was just too perfect.  Girls want sexy and Gyung Pyo, though a sexy man, was not sexy in this drama past his first couple of scenes.  It just written in for him to show that side.   Sad! 😦

Seol Woo Hyung was adorable!  Why are these Asian children so totally cute?

Everyone was great in this drama.  The love triangle between the mothers and the teenager was cute but I mostly skipped their scenes.  Come on, the man being A sexual and suddenly he changes… maybe I didn’t watch enough to understand this but to me it was boring.

The whole dynamic among the reporters and the reporting was so well written and believable.  They are a family but still very competitive and potentially backstabbing.  This is real life.

It is funny how this drama brings to light a woman’s weakness over a man.  This guy treated her like crap for three years, and then she meets his best friend who is GREAT, but as soon as the jerk confesses a change in heart -she melts.  That would be us, ladies.  Why?  Why would we want a guy, just because he makes our heart pound -would we accept him back after being a total jerk?

Because he makes our heart pound!  That simple men.  If you want to be the great guy and still win us over -make our heart pound out of our chest and we will grovel in defeat.

Cinematography  9
Script 9
Music  8
Acting  9
Story  10
Total Score  9♥



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