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Foreign Drama -K2

The K2-p1.jpgThe K2/ Deo Keitu

16 episodes 2016

Can Ji Chang Wook be more powerful then he was in Healer?

Yes. Yes. Yes!  Chang Wook is a monster in this movie.  The fight scenes were amazing and his character was, what can I say?  Sexy, macho, intimidating, manly, powerful, (do you want me to keep going or stop?) gorgeous, endearing… Okay, aleso -I will stop.

Yoona is always entertaining, whether singing, dancing or acting.  I loved her in Love Rain (one of my all time favs) and she showed her talents here also.  My only problem is the writing.  Oh my gosh, did they make her a weak and pathetic creature. At the same time Yoona brought out a strength that was admirable and gutsy.  If I were a child in her same circumstances and as withdrawn and mentally disrupted would I have the strength to escape into an unknown world over and over, without a support system, or face death to be next to the men I loved?  I don’t know.  Yoona is a singer with the girl group Girl’s Generation -the first Asian girl group to perform in America.

You can’t watch this drama with out giving Song Yoon A a standing ovation.  She was villainous, with a touch of love spilling into the cracks.  The men she loved, she loved fiercely, but would destroy them at the same time.  Even with Chang Wook in this drama he could not have carried it without Yoona.

Cho Seong Ha’s character did little for me  until his final moments in the drama.  Then he became the man you want him to be throughout the show.  His last scene was truly beautiful and self-sacrificing for the women who suffered for his wrong doing, selfish greed.

Kim Kap Soo -would there be a point to this drama without this character?  No!  His role was played perfectly.  He found a way to bring humor and joy to greed, power and death.  Great job!

Shin Dong Mi -Yoo Jin would have been frail and pathetic without the character played by Dong Mi.  This woman was scary!

So many people brought this drama to life and make it great.  The writing was superb, and the directing was nearly flawless.  There are a few fight scenes that you see mistakes but overall this is a great drama.

However, I’m just not a fan of all this backstabbing pain between people and within a nation, so for that reason I would not have watched it if Chang Wook wasn’t in the drama.  It isn’t that I don’t like action flicks -I love them, but when the cruelty is played out among family members it draws a line for me.

Chang Wook’s bared chest and buttocks certainly added its own flair for fun.

The last two episodes are worth waiting for!

Cinematography  9
Script 10
Music 9
Acting 10
Story 10
Total Score  9.6♥



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