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Foreign Drama -Something About 1%

Something About 1 Percent (2016)-p1.jpg

1% of Something or Something About 1%

16 episodes 2016

Each episode is around 30 minutes in length, so I consider it a shorty.  Anytime you have a shorter drama it can’t carry the depth of a full length drama but this one is balanced well.  They keep most of the focus on the couple and bring in surrounding characters just enough to make it real.

I can’t say I fell in love with either the lead male, Ha Soek Jin or the lead female,  Jeon So Min.  Soek Jin has made several dramas but I’ve yet to see one.  So, this is my first time to be moved by him.  Was I?  At moments he really did draw me in.  For instance, we was a decent kisser -and boy are there a load of kiss scenes in this drama.

So Min is also new to my drama world.  There were also moments I thought she was beautiful, but she just didn’t capture my interest  for future dramas.  What I did find interesting is these two shared a date in another drama airing, Drinking Solo.  Did I see this as Let’s Drink on Drama Fever?  Maybe I’ve lost my mind.

Apparently, So Min is a blind date for Soek Jin’s character in Drinking Solo.  They must have hit it off and produced lots of chemistry for them to turn around and place these two as the lead couple.

I would say the two actors were cute together and did seem to have the chemistry -they just couldn’t draw me in as much as I wanted.  Is it possible the length of the drama had something to do with this lacking?  Probably.

Kim Hyeong Min is a cutie.  He has a very small part that isn’t even played well, but I give him points for adding more cuteness to the drama.  You should check out is Asian Wiki page -he has long hair and wow, what a cutie he is!  He has performed in several well known dramas, like: I Need Romance 2, Iron Empress, and East of Eden.  Yet, I don’t recall seeing him so I believe his parts must not have drawn me in.

Im Do Yoon also carries a small part.  It wasn’t enough to be noticeable.

Joo Jin Mo -I never really got the reasons behind his plans.

Lee Kan Hie was a wishy-washy character that I found irritating but sweet.

Jo Jae Ryeong was one of my favorite character actors in this drama.  He is always stressed and you can feel it even in short scenes.

Park Jin Joo is in this drama.  They really should have used her more as I believe she is a funny woman.  She could have made a few of the scenes way better.

So, what is this drama about?  Marriage, inheritance and status.  These are three issues Koreans struggle with.  Why is it so hard for Koreans to relax on these issues?  Status is everything!  While marriage plays a very unimportant role when it comes to love.  You have to marry who your parents chose for you, keep within your status and they must have an equal or better financial position.

What happened to love?  Well, this is where Something About 1% comes into play.  The wealthy grandpa wants his grandson to marry a woman who is kind and genuine, while the boys mother wants him to marry for status.  Love is useless in the minds of these two adults.  Marry because they want you too.  Why?  Well, a married man is a stable man.  Love can come later!

These couple signs a contract to date in order to keep the grandpa happy.  Six months later, they break up to make the mother happy.  Can they make the adults happy while satisfying their own desires?  Not an easy task.

Even though these two did not pull me in until I was as much in love with them as they pretend to be with each other, I enjoyed this drama -at least, 1%.

Cinematography 8
Script  8
Music  8
Acting  8
Story  8
Total Score  8



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