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Foreign Drama -Joseon Gunman

Gunman in Joseon-p2.jpg

The Joseon Gunman/The Joseon Shooter

22 episodes 2014

Lee Joon Gi is wonderful in this drama.  He is convincing in each side of his characters roles from a son, to a Japanese merchant to a gunman.  I felt his connection to his opponents and the woman he loves.  The storyline is multi faceted and compelling.

I wonder if this drama affected Nam Sang Mi’s career.  It didn’t get the best ratings, nor was it a popular drama.  According to Asian Wiki, Sang Mi hasn’t had a drama or a movie since 2014.

I thought she was a wonderful actress who gave her all to this character.  Her convictions remained true throughout, and her compassion for those who betrayed her was  honorable and courageous.

Joen Hye Bin is not only a beautiful woman -she is wicked in this drama.  Anything to further the lives of her father and herself, is game on.  She goes so far as to hold a gun to her childhood friends head -with the intention of shooting her.  I have little doubt that gun would have been fired. You may recognize this actress from the recent successful drama, Another Miss Oh.  She is also performing in the current drama, Woman With A Suitcase.

Yu Oh Seong portrays a killer.  There are no other words to describe him in this drama.  Maybe in the beginning he only kills to keep his position as a merchant, but the day comes where he kills to kill.  Anyone who gets in his way will face his gun.  Funny, that Oh Seong also played a ruthless father in Uncontrollably Fond.  This role suits him, he can be frightening to face with his ruthless, killers face.

Choi Jung Won brings to life a man who allows his greed and hunger for power to manipulate and control those around him, while maintaining a low profile.  A perfect performance.  He latterly made my skin crawl.  Again, this actor portrays a man full of greed in the current drama, Man Living In My House.

So many contributors in this performance that deserve recognition.

  1. Han Joo Wan
  2. Kim Hyun Soo
  3. Ahn Suk Hwan
  4. Lee Min Woo
  5. Kim Ye Ryeong

If you love a good western, this drama is filled with gunpowder.  I’m not sure why it didn’t rate better as I found this drama to be filled with multiple twists and turns that kept it interesting.  I wouldn’t say it was a favorite, and I did take my time watching The Joseon Gunman, but I truly enjoyed it.

Cinematography  8
Script  9
Music 7
Acting 10
Story 8.5
Total Score  8.5



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