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Foreign Drama – Ice Fantasy

Ice Fantasy -Huan Cheng

This drama can be found on Drama Fever, Viki and Netflix

62 episodes 2015 (released here in 2016)

Feng Shoa Feng or William Feng is Ka Suo was born in 1978 and is the lead for this Chinese fantasy.  He is dynamic and stunning as the king of a world of immortals.  He was born in Shanghai and is obviously a big star since he has made 25 movies and 40 dramas.  I love his white hair and blue eyes but his natural appearance is also appealing.

Victoria Song portrays a female warrior and ultimate lover of Ka Suo, Li Luo.  She is a beautiful actress who indorses many products.  She was born in 1987 and works through SM Entertainment in both Korea and China.

Mia Tian Yu or Ray Ma is Ying Shi Kong born in 1986.  Ray is a beautiful man with a voice like butter.  I have downloaded many of his songs and when one comes on randomly, I instantly recognize him.  Personally, I think he is most handsome with his white hair and blue eyes, but he is gorgeous all the time.

Some of his songs I like best:

  1. Fly
  2. Damn Gentle
  3. Strong
  4. MoonlightWilliam
  5. Winter’s Story
  6. The Flowers in Hand

Zhang Meng or Alina is Yan Da.  She is the fiery princess of the fire tribe.  She falls in love with Shi Kong and will ultimately fight at his side against her own father.

Madina Memet is Lan Shang is the mermaid who is in love with Ka Suo and believes it is her right as a princess -to marry the king over the mortal human, Li Luo.

Hu Bing is the king of the Fire Tribe.  He goes crazy over power and turns against his own family for more power and magical power.

There are so many talented actors in this drama so it is best to watch this drama and watch them in action for yourselves.  This is 62 episodes that gets better with each show.  I admit the first episode is sooo fake and slow -but press on.  This drama will win you over even if you hate the fake looking magic of most of the first several episodes -but even that will improve, although it isn’t the best.

This drama will win you over with the depth of its characters, the story and the friendships that develop.

I could say many negative thins about the filming and props but I loved this drama from near beginning to end and I think you will also.

My favorite characters are the William Feng and his Ray Ma, as well as the main dream walker -oh, Xu Ke is a cutie (but almost too pretty). Xu Ke portrays a loyal friend to Ka Suo and a King of Astrologer’s, Xing Jiu.

This drama has some of the best music I’ve ever heard.  I would second it to Empress Ki.  The Ice Fantasy theme song is sang by Jay Chou with a Chinese female singer that I don’t know the name of.  This is a song that sticks in your head for weeks at a time and moves you with its pure lyrical beauty.


Cinematography 8
Script 9
Music 10
Acting 8
Story 9
Total Score 8.8




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