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Foreign Drama -Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo-p1.jpg

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

16 episodes 2016-2017

This is a love that is pure and simple, yet filled with joy.  Every moment of this crazy drama was endearing as these two polar opposites turn their friendship into  romance, defying the odds with dignity and honor.  If I could chose the perfect love story for my daughters -this would be the relationship I would wish for them.

Nam Joo Hyuk is adorable.  Jung Joon Hyung is childish, warm, cozy and true to his heart.  It doesn’t hurt that he is ever so handsome.  Joo Hyuk was loved in Moon Lovers, Cheese In The Trap and Who Are You: School 2015.  I can’t wait to see where he goes next.  On December 30th he won Best New Actor award at MBC Drama Awards.

Lee Sung Kyung also won an award for Excellent Actor at this same day.  She was incredible in Cheese in The Trap -proving she could win over the hearts of anyone who watched her.  She was also in Doctors, and It’s Okay, This is Love.  It is hard to believe this is only her 5th drama.  She does have a movie in 2017.  Broker will star Kim Young Kwan and Lim Ju Hwan.  I hope we get to see it.  A daughter of the minister of Justice gets murdered.

Who is there not to love in this drama?  Every character was endearing.  Her best friends are played by Choi Hye Jung and Lee Joo Young.  His best friend is played by Ji Il Joo.

His brother was performed by Lee Jae Yoon.  We can hardly look over Bok Joo’s coaches –Choi Moo Sung and Jang Young Nam.  Or her father and uncle –Ahn Kil Kang and Kang Ki Young.

At least once in our lives we dream about being loved by one of the most popular kids in our school.  Bok Joo doesn’t dream of being with Joon Hyung nor does she believe a boy such as him would even look at her.

Bok Joo is a weightlifter.  She lives to eat and the smell of sweat with metal in the weightlifting room of her college.  Her dad lifted weights and the two dream of her making it into the biggest weightlifting competition of her career.  She is considered “overweight” and far from the “popular” group.  I know this is hard to picture since Sung Kyung is thin and ultra attractive.  I believe she may have put on some weight for this drama -but mostly I believe she wore some padding in her shorts.  She still doesn’t come off as heavy.

Joon Hyung is a fast swimmer and extremely popular.  His ex-girlfriend believes she is the only one suited to stand at his side.  This gymnast is played by Kyung Soo Jin.

The two met in grade school where she saved his life as he fell from a classroom window.  When he recognizes her, a friendship forms.  Soon he realizes he’s fallen in love and is both surprised and filled with pleasure, joy that pours out of him.  He pushes her to see him as more then a friend.  Her own surprise at discovering her feelings for him turns this drama into a crazy romance with all the foolish discoveries that come along with it.

This is certainly one of my favorite dramas ever.  I enjoyed each episode as it brought back memories of innocence, and fairy wishes that (at least in this case) did  come true.

Cinematography 9
Script 10
Music 8
Acting 10
Story 10
Total Score 9.4♥





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