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Foreign Drama -Romantic Doctor

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim-p1.jpg

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

21 episodes 2016-2017

I believe this was intended to end at 20 episodes but due to its popularity they gave us a bonus show.  Sweet!

Han Suk Kyu has only made a handful of dramas since 1990.  The only one I’ve watched (and haven’t finished yet) is Tree With Deep Roots.  This isn’t true with movies.  He’s made 23 movies since 1995.  The most resent is The Prison.  It looks really good.  He is an inmate and thinks he is the ruler over the prison.  I’d watch it, given the opportunity.  We just don’t get access to many movies.  This drama was his first work since 2014.

Yoo Yeon Suk has been a fav of mine since Warm and Cozy.  I was thrilled to discover he’d made a new drama.  Some other dramas you may have seen him in are Mrs Cop, Reply 1994 and gu Family Book.

Seo Hyun Jin is a busy actress.  In 2016, she made 3 dramas and 2 movies.  She has earned record approval for Another Miss Oh, but she’s also been in The Three Musketeers, Let’s Eat 2 and Horse Doctor.

Here is a list of her 2016 work.

  • Another Miss Oh
  • Let’s Fight ghost
  • Because I Love You
  • Romantic Doctor
  • Familyhood

Kim Min Jae is also starring with gong Yoo in The goblin.  It isn’t a big role, but he adds to the fun.

He also starred next to Choi Min Ho in Because It’s The First Time.  He received the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards for this drama.

Jang Se Jong -This is his first drama and what a fine job he did.  He obviously made an impact because he has a new role for this year: Siamdang, Lights Diary where he plays the young version of Sung Seung Heon’s character.

So many talented actors that I’ve talked about many times before so I will just provide their names.

  • Jin Kyung
  • Choi Jin Ho
  • Lim Won Hee
  • Joo Hyun
  • Jang Hyuk Jin
  • Kim Hye Soo

Seo Eun Su has only made one other drama besides this one.  Jealousy Incarnate was her first -although I can’t say I remember her.  Yep, it was a small role.  Again, she had a small role, but she stood out.

This drama didn’t have enough romance for me, but I enjoyed every episode.  The surgery’s were realistic and they tackled some tough subjects, such as operating on a person with AIDS.

It rips me up how people will pick and chose who to bring up in this world and who to cast aside like discarded lab animals.  When it happens to us, we’d all love to et revenge the way Master Kim does here.  However, most of us never have such an opportunity.  Against giants, we ants are hard to see.

It also brings to light some of the more difficult choices hospitals and doctors face every day.  A doctor must love his job to deal with the daily ambush of family members, staff shortages, limited space and surgery schedules.  I will look at them with a new wonder to their endurance, and patience while giving their all.


Cinematography 9
Script 9
Music 8
Acting 9
Story 10
Total Score 9♥







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