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Foreign Drama -The Legend of the Deep Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea-p1.jpg

The Legend of the Deep Blue Sea

20 episodes 2016-2017

This much anticipated drama hit the screens with many fans glued to their computer, TV or Ipad each week.  Fans of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun (Gianna) couldn’t wait for these two together, and now sadly, it has ended.  How did it go by so quickly?

Did any of you know that Ji Hyun had a son this last February?  I sure would not have thought so because she is always perfectly thin, beautiful and so tall.  This made her perfect to stand next to the over six foot Min Ho.

It is fascinating that this drama is only Ji Hyun’s fourth drama.  Yes, I said it right.  She has made 12 movies, but only four dramas.  What an impact she gave us alongside Kim Soo Hyun in My Love From the Stars, and now this.  She won three awards for her performance with Soo Hyun:

  1. Best Couple Award
  2. Best Actor or Actress selected by director
  3. Grand Prize

She also won two awards for this drama:

  1. Best Couple Award
  2. Ten Star Award

She also has three more awards on top of these for other films.

I can’t express how much I love this actress.  The very fact that I am mentioning her over Min Ho is proof enough.  Even though I’ve mentioned her first -my heart will always be first with the incredible Lee Min Ho.

Min Ho has won 18 Awards, with three of them for this drama.  It is too many to list, so check out Asian Wiki.

Lee Min Ho has been a favorite of mine since Heirs.  I know, he made several great dramas before this one, but I had to fall in love with him before I wanted to entrench myself with his past dramas.  Yes, I’d already watched portions of Boys Over Flowers, and Faith.  I didn’t watch much of Boys Over Flowers -maybe two episodes.  Why?  I hated Min Ho as this character.  It was too much.  I never got that it would turn into such a beautiful story.  Once I fell in love with Min Ho I went back and it continues to be a fav.

On the other hand, I loved Faith -but still skipped episodes because it just wasn’t my kind of drama.  I probably skipped some great love scenes but I was still knew to Kdramas and just didn’t understand what I was missing.  I should go back and re-watch.

The only film Min Ho’s done (that I’ve watched) that I didn’t care for was Gangnam Blues.  He was awesome but the movie was horrible.  If you’re looking for more Min Ho, check out these dramas:

  1. Heirs
  2. Boys Over Flowers
  3. Faith
  4. City Hunter
  5. Personal Taste
  6. I Am Sam

Now, what did I think of the Deep Blue Sea?  It was beautiful.  These two together were magically childish, endearing, sweet, gentle, and perfect.  I did not see the magic that happened between her and Soo Hyun, but the simplistic love they had for one another was still there.  It wasn’t heated -but it was perfect.

That being said, I missed the heat that both these actors are known for.  You can’t get any hotter then screen moments between Min Ho and Park Shin Hye or the power and connection she had with Soo Hyun.  But, you can have a beautiful love story unfold like the blooming of the tulip.  That is what they gave us.

It was different but just as perfect.  Ji Hyun always delivers her audience a woman.  Not your everyday run of the mill woman, but one that has maintained her innocence while dripping with feminism.

Min Ho is pure sex appeal while showing us his many different sides in this drama.  It was the first time I got to laugh at his childish behavior, watch him smile over being in love and still be magnetic.

Lee Hee Joon’s character surprised me a couple of times.  I don’t usually get surprised by scenes -but he did.  I never saw either one of them coming he was so convincing.

Shin Won Ho was so cute throughout the drama.  I really wish we could have seen the scene where his girlfriend proposes to him.  That would have been adorable.  Those eyes of his shocked by her words and actions -I didn’t want to miss that.

Won Ho is a member of the boy band Cross Gene.  If you are interested in their music check out their 2016 album Game.

  1. Hey You, Noonah
  2. My Face
  3. Kki
  4. I’ll Be Fine
  5. Mr. Secret

Sung Dong Il is a magnificent character actor.  He really gets into his roles.  You may remember him from:

  1. My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
  2. Color of Woman
  3. Reply 1997
  4. Iris 2
  5. Reply 1994
  6. That’s Okay, This is Love
  7. Reply 1988
  8. Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo
  9. K2
  10. Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

If you look close 3 of these are from 2016-2017.  He also made a movie in 2016, Proof of Innocence and he has four movies slated for the 2017 season:

  1. Young Cop
  2. Real
  3. RV: Resurrected Victims
  4. Because I Love You

He may not be a lead actor but he makes a mighty punch at stealing the lead.  That must be why he is in such high demand.

Lee Ji Hoon seems so sweet at the beginning of this drama as the older step-brother to Min Ho.  You might remember him from School: 2013; Blood; Six Flying Dragons; Mirror of the Witch and Gogh the Starry Night.  He just began his career in 2012, making this his 8th drama.  He also has two movies, one of them is Proof of Innocence with Dong Il.

Moon So Ri is perfectly vicious in this drama.  She doesn’t have many dramas under her name but a long list of movies.

Shin Rin Ah was adorable.  She has already performed in 9 dramas and 3 movies while only being 7 years old.  You may remember her in My Love Eun Dong; Mrs. Cop; or Endless Love.

Don’t forget the great music for this drama.

  1. Love StoryLyn
  2. A World That Is YouYoonmirae (not out yet)
  3. Shy BoyHa Hyun Woo
  4. Somewhere SomedaySung Si Kyung
  5. Wind FlowerLee Sun Hee
  6. FoolKen
  7. Why Would I Do Like This Coffee Boy
  8. Day by DayPark Yoon Ha (not out yet)
  9. Love RoadMin Chae (not out yet)
  10. Hidden StorySecond Moon feat. Han Ah Reum
  11. My NameSecond Moon feat. Han Ah Reum
  12. As This TimeSecond Moon
  13. The Way To Looking For YouSecond Moon feat. Han Ah Reum

The most perfect moment throughout this drama was the scene you see a picture of above.  Not the first time he reached out his hand, but at the end.  I got chills.


Cinematography 10
Script 9
Music 9
Acting 10
Story 9
Total Score 9.4♥








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