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Foreign Drama -Memories of the Sword

Memories of the Sword-p1.jpg

Memories of the Sword

121 Minutes 2015

I found this movie on Netflix and recognized Kim Go Eun, from The Goblin (a 2016-17 Korean Drama).  Since she has made more movies than dramas I thought I’d check it out.

Right from the beginning I was drawn in as Go Eun’s character stares up at a mega sunflower.  Yu wonder what she’s doing when in an instant she jumps over the flower.  If that didn’t draw my attention enough she leaps through the field into town a faces a great warrior in the arena.  Didn’t hurt matters that Lee Joon Ho is a handsome young man.

Joon Ho began his acting career in 2013, but he didn’t really begin to see his career blossom until 2015.  In 2016, he was in Memory and my beloved drama –Uncontrollably Fond.  Now, this year, he has another leading character in the drama Chief Kim, alongside Namgung Min. He is also a member of the boy band 2PM.

Lee Byung Hyun play a man who will betray or even kill those he loves the most to have all that he desires.  He convinces himself to never allow emotion to break the wall of victory -thus losing his best friend, and the woman he loves.

Jeon Do Yeon carefully crafts her blind character to move easily among the world through sound.  She is a skilled swordsman and marital arts.  When her friends die she caries their daughter away, intent on saving her life and teaching the girl to seek revenge.  When Seol Hee is old enough she is told their are two she must kill – Yeo Baek who becomes Deok Ki (who seeks to rule the kingdom) and herself.

Lacking the skills to kill the great swordsman, Doek Ki, Seol Hee nearly dies.  Joon Ho’s character saves her, going against his master.

The old man of great wisdom and power, played by Lee Kyoung Young, brings her back from the brink of death and teaches her how to feel the memories of the sword that was once carried by her father.

In the end, you learn of the twist in each of these lives.  It teaches us life can only be ugly when we turn our backs on people and cherish power and gold. It also teaches that when death is near it is love that will allow us to die in peace.  Dying with love is beautiful over living with lust.  Great ending!

Cinematography 7
Script 8
Music 8
Acting 8
Story 9
Total Score 8






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