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Foreign Drama -Five Minutes to Tomorrow

Five Minutes To Tomorrow-p2.jpg

Five Minutes To Tomorrow or Mayonaka no Gofun Mae

126 minutes 2014

I have only found this movie on YouTube.  Haruma Miura will always be a top actor in my eyes, as he brings to us a fever.  Fever that builds emotion and charges our natural fears and/or compassion.  Subjects and ideas others wouldn’t want to touch, do to the complexity of the situation and difficult portrayal, he will bring to life -such as this movie.

Still, a moment with him acting before my eyes brings a smile to my lips.  Sappy, huh?  Yep, I do feel sappy about this man.

Here we have identical twins who switch places in life until they lose their individuality.  Two men believe they are in love one girl, only to discover they unsure who is lying beside them.

When one dies, who are we left with?  Did one kill the other out of jealousy or greed?  Or, did this accident leave the remaining twin with both identities -unable to distinguish which sister to be?

This was not my type of movie so I struggled watching it.  It was incredibly well done but the content was disturbing.  Still, Haruma pulls you in as he struggles to hold onto the woman he loves, inside his lonely and boring life, and fearful of the woman that stands in front of him.

Liu Shishi portrays the twins and Chang Hasiao Chuan is the other man.  Since I am still unfamiliar with Japanese films it is difficult to provide an overview of these actors.

The movie is not only dark in nature but dark in film, another aspect I didn’t care for.  I didn’t have to like this movie to see the complexity in the acting and filming.  Maybe it is due to the latter that the scenes were so dark, but probably it was to sink into our own dark thoughts.

Cinematography 7
Script 10
Music 6
Acting 10
Story 8
Total Score 8.2




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