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Foreign Drama -D-Day

D-Day (Korean Drama)-p1.jpg


20 episodes 2015

I watched this on Netflix but it is available elsewhere also.

I didn’t realize just how tall Kim Young Kwang is until I watched this drama.  It must be because the other actors are all short.  Scenes where Young Kwang lies his arm next to his intern sidekick, played by Jung So Min, he looks like a giant.  Then he is 187 cm in height, tall even for an American male.

I first saw Young Kwang in Love Rain.  This drama remains one of my favorites.  He has also been in Pinocchio, Can We Get Married and more recently starring in Man Living In My House.  In 2016, he made the movie

Jung So Min was the adorable girl with horrible grades in Mischievous Kiss alongside Kim Hyun Joong.  I’ll not easily forget the scene during their honeymoon and Seung Jo finally gets the courage to make love to his wife.  She remembers she hasn’t put on the wedding gown she brought with her.  When she tries to get up, Seung Jo says, “I can’t wait any longer.”  Simple, silly words to choose but they hit that perfect spot inside me that still gives me chills.

In 2017, she will have roles in My Father is Strange, and Sound of Your Heart.  Sound of your heart deals with Cartoonist and stars Lee Kwang Soo from Running Man.  My Father is strange is when a pop star moves in with a typical family.

Hae Soek Jin just wrapped up the series Something About 1% and will star in Self Radiation Office, in March.

Lee Kyoung Young portrays the Director of Mirae Hospital. A character you love hating.  He directed and was the screenwriter for The Beauty in Dream (2002) and The Gate of Destiny (1996).  He has 13 dramas under his belt but the impressive numbers come from his movies, 77 in all.

Kim Sang Ho first stood out to me in City Hunter but you can also enjoy him in Prosecutor Princess, Doctor Stranger and currently in Missing Nine.  Or, in any one of 36 movies you can access.

Lee Sung Yoel is one of the lead singers for Infinite.  I liked him better in this drama then in High School Love On! but I especially love him singing and dancing.  Infinite is one of my favorite Kpop bands.

Song Ji Ho just began his drama career in 2015, with this role.  A hero always brings tears to our eyes, but hope to our fears.

Other performers who made this drama special are:

  1. Ko Kyu Pil
  2. Kim Jae Hwa
  3. Yoon Joo Hee
  4. Kim Hye Eun
  5. Cha In Pyo

I love a good disaster film.  I was surprised to find this disaster in a drama.  I wondered how they could drag it out for 20 episodes and still keep it interesting.  They managed to accomplish a successful drama with stars.

This drama doesn’t just pull us through the hardships of saving lives and surviving during a disaster but it takes you into the hearts of those who find love even when it is unexpected.  Through in a greedy, vengeful, jealous hospital director and you have trauma happening around every corner.

I wouldn’t say this will remain one of my favorite dramas but it will leave satisfying memories that will last each time I revisit them.

Cinematography 9
Script 9
Music 7
Acting 8
Story 9
Total Score 8.4







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