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Foreign Drama -Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters (film) poster.jpeg

Bounty Hunters

105 minutes 2016

I found this drama on Drama Fever.  Naturally, that adorably handsome man in the picture is the ever impressing Lee Min Ho.

It was released in China, but is a joint venture between China, Hong Kong and South Korea.  I love seeing countries work together.

Lee Min Ho is a martial arts expert -and this is flaunted throughout the movie.  Min Ho can perform some cool kicks as he shows off one of his many talents.  Maybe it seems to unrealistic that one man can take on twenty -but I like it anyway.

Unfortunately, this movie did not do very well at the box office.  They made 31 million dollars, but the movie cost a whopping 41 million.  That is a huge hit to the pocket book.  I don’t know why Min Ho doesn’t rake his fans into the theatres because he sure does hit the jackpot with his dramas.  City Hunter 9.4; Boys Over Flowers 9.4; The Great Doctor 9.5.  What really surprises me is according to Viki, Heirs only scored a 8.9 and this was my favorite drama with Min Ho.  His most recent drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea was at 9.5.

So, did I enjoy this movie?  Very much.  I like seeing this man in action and he never lets you down.  The problem -his other cast members are just not the same caliber as Min Ho.  This causes some scenes to lose some believability.  In his other movie, released last year (I simply cannot remember the name but it had a date in it) (It was easily forgotten), the script was so poor it killed the movie -and still, I loved Min Ho’s performance.

Tiffany Tang is seeking revenge and utilizing her inheritance to do so.  She has two side kicks, Babe and Swan.  (Let’s just start here -what stupid name for a man).  Swan is a gadget expert and her gadgets are really cool, like lipstick that becomes a bomb.  You wouldn’t want to wear it.

Tiffany is one of the highest paid actresses in China.  She just finished the drama, The Princes Weiyoung with Vanness Wu.  I’m watching this drama, however it hasn’t stolen my heart so it is slow going.  If this is accurate, then it is even more surprising that Min Ho and Tiffany together couldn’t make this movie hit high sales.

Babe is a strong man, butler who is very girly.  He is played by Louis Fan.  He is a marital artist who was in two of the IP Man movies.  In this movie he looks terrible, but when you see what he normally looks like, he’s nice looking.

Swan is played by Karena Ng.  She’s made a handful of movies but the only one I recognize is IP Man 3.

Wallace Chung is Min Ho’s side kick.  I didn’t care for his character and I still have no clue how he escaped all of the men he was up against when Min Ho ran off.  He must have had some talent we weren’t made aware of.  For me, this was an unfinished scene they were hoping we wouldn’t notice.

Cinematography 8
Script 8
Music 8
Acting 8
Story 8
Total Score 8



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