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Foreign Drama – A Wonderful Life

A Wonderful Moment-p2.jpeg

A Wonderful Moment/My Little Hero

135 minutes 2013

I’ve only see Kim Rae Won in this drama and the movie Gangnam Blues and the amazing drama –Doctors.  When I saw this movie pop up on Drama Fever I was unable to resist.  Dancing and singing are the types of movies that move me the most.

Yes -I was moved.  Moved so much that I immediately sat down at my computer in hopes you will run to your favorite Asian App and watch this beautiful piece.

In a country with one of the lowest birth rates in the world (at least this is what I’ve heard) Korean men are marrying outside their country in order to find a wife.  One of the countries they seek a wife is the Philippines.  However, just as we first ridiculed cross marriages in America (back when I was a child), some Koreans are struggling to accept children from these marriages.

Not only does this movie bring light to racism, it also shows how people can overcome greed and selfishness by learning to love another.  Purely.  Simply.  This is true success.

Kim Rae Won was awarded Best Actor (Genre/Fantasy) for his performance in the thrilling drama Doctors (2016).

His latest work is The Prison.  This movie was released March 23, 2017.  It reads excitement.  Although, I am unsure if we will see it in America.

Ji Dae Han holds talent in the grasp of his perfect little hands.  He won Best Actor at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards in 2013, for this movie.  He is half Korean/half Sri Lankan.  He didn’t turn thirteen until November of the year this movie was released.  I am very surprised that I can’t find out anything further on this child prodigy.

This drama also stars Jo An, Lee Sung Min, Hwang Yong Yeon  (Half Korean/Half Ghanaian)  The movie also touches on a young black boy who wants to play soccer but believes a dark skinned child can’t play soccer in Korea.  A funny concept to me -in America we expect children with dark skin to easily carry the gene for athletic talent.  Like Dae Han, this appears to be Yong Yeon’s only performance.

Then we mustn’t forget the talent of Lee Kwang Soo.  This was a small role for Kwang Soo, but far from his first.  At 193 cm, Kwang Soo has warmed the hearts of his many fans in such thrilling dramas as: City Hunter, Potato Star, It’s Okay, This is Love, Descendants of the Sun, and most recently –Hwarang.  If we can’t see enough of him in dramas -you can always laugh until you fall to the floor watching him in Running Man.

We live to dream, and some dreams become the sole focus of our lives.  Here is a man who gives up his honesty and integrity for recognition and fame.  When a small boy is thrust into his care, and he must turn this child into the Joseon King his hopes are crushed.  How could any man turn a half blood into the king of Korea?

Wait and see how a child fights for his chance and a fraud becomes a musician.

You can also watch this movie on Viki -where it scored a 9.7.


Cinematography 9
Script 10
Music 9
Acting 10
Story 10
Total Score 9.6♥





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