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Foreign Drama -Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

StrongWomanDoBong-soon (Main poster).jpg

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

16 episodes 2017

Park Bo Young is adorable!  She stole the show from the first moment she threw a few men around.  Even though I only like men -I was smitten with this girl.  She is fun, innocent, dynamic and exciting to watch on the screen.  Yes, the strength is apparently fake, but she still convinced you with her confident character acting.

I also loved her in Oh My Ghost which she won the 4th APAN Star Awards for Excellent Actress (Mini Series).

I was excited they came out with another drama starring Park Hyung Sik so quickly after Hwarang.  In this drama he gets to be the lead male.  He is super pretty and pops a nice kiss.  I could absolutely do without the gay scenes -but the moments he is male -I find these moments very appealing.

I am currently watching High Society but I haven’t gotten far enough to see if I like it.  He won the 2015 SBS Drama Awards for Excellent Actor (Mini Series) for his role.

I can’t remember him in Heirs, and She Was PrettyHwarang is another post -as this stars my wonderful Choi Min Ho.

How can you not fall in love with Ji Soo every time he pops up before your eyes?  To The Beautiful You, Doctors, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and especially in Scarlet Ryeo.

Okay, this drama had a full cast of especially talented actors.  Let’s go down the list and see the ones who I loved the most.

  1. Kim Won Hae
  2. Lim Won Hee
  3. Jun Suk Ho
  4. Yoo Jae Myung
  5. Shim Hye Jin
  6. An Woo Yeon
  7. Seol In A
  8. Kim Min Kyo
  9. Yang Yoo Ho
  10. Jang Mi Kwan

Kim Won Hae would win my award for funniest all around character.  I loved both his characters in this drama.

How does a strong girl convince the guy she’s crushed on since childhood that she is meek and dainty?  How does a rugged cop protect a girl who doesn’t need protection?  Then, along comes a guy who protects her without lifting a finger to do so.  This was a fun and entertaining drama.  I couldn’t wait for each weeks episodes.


Cinematography 8
Script 10
Music 8
Acting 9
Story 10
Total Score 9♥



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