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Cooking Outside the Kitchen, with Dee

How about barbecued pulled beef, with green beans and a baked potato -or as another blogger insisted -petata.  Does it sound yummy?  So, let’s get started: I put the beef with a small amount of water into my new (wonderful) crockpot.  I may not enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but I love tools to make things easier.  I just don’t’ understand how some families, many families get by without all these gadgets! I set it to cook at high heat for 2 hours, and then gradually reduce down to warm.  Time to do some ironing! About 15 minutes before  it was time to eat, I pulled the beef and stirred it into a new pan with BBQ sauce, opened a can of green beans (I canned last summer) and popped some potatoes in the microwave. With things moving along nicely, I colored my daughters hair -she just wanted an hombre (did I spell this right?  I originally spelled it ombre but the computer said I was wrong -good for it!). and I gave in.  I …

Cooking Outside the Kitchen, with Dee

I’ve been waiting to prepare a delicious Baked Alaska, with you!  So, let’s get started. Gather your ingredients.  You need sugar; egg yolks; vanilla (pure) bittersweet chocolate; egg whites; salt (I never use this stuff myself, so optional); Swiss meringue; and ice cream.  Crap -I forgot the ice cream. Oh well, this recipe is really hard.  It is considered one of the top 10 most difficult recipes to complete -so you probably wouldn’t be able to do it anyway.  I’m really disappointed -because I was looking forward to eating some. Hey, how about we use yogurt instead?  Okay, let’s add all of our ingredients so that it looks like a pie -and make sure you put it in the fridge cause this stuff has to stay cold. Mmmm…. What?  Oh, I didn’t tell you how you combine the ingredients -really, you didn’t expect me to stay in the kitchen a make a dish this difficult -did you?  Ooops -your bad!  

Cooking Outside the Kitchen, With Dee

Today, we will prepare Spaghetti w/French Bread Always best to get your noodles going first.  Fill a large pot 3/4 full of water and throw in the amount of noodle’s, you feel will feed your family.  I use one small box.  Make sure you place a lid on the pot -so it boils quicker. Next, place a frying pan on the stove and get it heating (on high), while you open a package of hamburger.  I use 1 pound, but you may prefer more.  Take out the spatula (because if you don’t someone is going to ask you where it is), and place next to the stove. After I have my spaghetti cooking, I find the quilt I’m currently working on.  I love the feel of fabric and knowing the pieces sewn together are creating a small piece of art that can be passed down through the generations.  “Johnny, this quilt was made by your great-great Nonny Vaal.  One day, you will pass it down to your son.”  Okay -it’s a dream that could come …