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Yecheilyah’s Book Reviews – The Living Miracle: A Love Story by Donna D. Vaal

Originally posted on The PBS Blog:
Title: The Living Miracle: A Love Story Author: Donna D. Vaal Publisher: RoseDog Books (April 2, 2016) Published: April 2, 2016 ISBN-10: 1480966772 ISBN-13: 978-1480966772 Language: English. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* Step into the 31st Century where synthetic babies are born and man is God. On June 4, 3044, Hiroto, the grandson of Master Izanagi Okamura, is born. The Self-Professed Japanese God of the Creation of Life, Izanagi has revolutionized life with his synthetic baby creation. No longer capable of giving birth, women are barren in this new world. Instead, babies are conceived in a petrie dish and there are more than one kind of living being. There are humans, developed by a male sperm piercing a female egg, and then there are the Mosouka’s, imitation cells with the same DNA structure as humans. Each human is born with a genetically matching Mosouka who will be given to them on their fifth birthday. And so, it is on the…

The Ohio Readers & Writers Expo

Go to: for a full list of details The Ohio Readers & Writers Expo July 23, 2016 9:00 am – 5 pm   If you are interested in meeting me and getting a signed copy of The Living Miracle A Love Story You can find me on July 23rd at the Writers Expo from 2:30 – 3:15 in Room A, talking about Christian Fiction. Location: Holiday Inn, Akron-West (Fairlawn 4073 Medina Road (Route 18) Akron, Ohio 44433 (Located right off of 1-77, next to Barnes & Noble) Click here to find a map:,-81.646528,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x9a10e163af18ad6!8m2!3d41.1367136!4d-81.6465278?hl=en-US Schedule of Events: Room A: The Reader’s Room Historical Fiction -John Kachuba  & RC Durkee    9:30 – 10:15 Exploring Sci-fi and Fantasy -Tara Tyler, JD Tippey, and D.W. Vogel 10:30 – 11:15 Thriller Writing –Ray Wenck, Carrie Rubin, M.T. Bass, and Linda Swink 11:30 – 12:15 Exploring Children’s Literature –Jim Dilyard & Jim Flanagan 12:30 – 1:15 Romance Writing –Donna MacMeans, Elizabeth Seckman, and Alicia Wiggins 1:30 – 2:15 Christian Fiction –Debra Sue Brice and Donna (Dee) Vaal 2:30 – 3:15 …

A Sneak Peek At My Novel

The Living Miracle A Love Story   Tonopah Times-Bonanza News   High 32 Low 94 Tuesday, March 03, 2579 Man Has Replaced God   Center of Life, Inc. has successfully created life from synthetic DNA.  Director, Marcus Longworth, held a press conference Monday, March 02, 2579, to introduce the world to the first successful scientifically created infant, now three months old.  The baby boy was created by reproducing synthetic cells, and incubated in a manufactured gestation chamber.   The baby, a boy, has been evaluated by Dr. Tyler Joseph, and is a healthy and stable infant, expected to live a full life.  CofL has already been commissioned for 100 infants to be produced at their facility.  The cost is estimated to be 3 million pons* per successful birth.   One, soon to be mother was asked why she had chosen a synthetic baby over natural birth.  She told reporters “Society places higher expectations in beauty. CofL assures my husband and me, they can recreate our cells so our child will receive our best features.  …

A Book Review of The Living Miracle

 I have a new review on Amazon and Goodreads. D. U. writes: “You can be a nonbeliever and find this story comforting.” “Readers will laugh, cry, and fall in love with the main characters.” “Brilliantly well-written…one amazing masterpiece.” “I highly recommend this stunning read to readers worldwide.” Thank you D.U. for reading and reviewing my novel. You can also find my novel along with D. Donovan’s review on Booklikes and Goodreads.

David Snape Show 4 (18.4.16)

Originally posted on The David and Christina Show: On this weeks show, we talk about our main passions in life. How the new Top Gear duo are falling apart and a brief final game summary for one, Kobe Bryant. We also have Post of the week: Love would be the flu by Brianna Ricotta Can Drake keep his number 1 spot on the itunes power rankings An exclusive single from Amanda St John’s debut album – Grow New Artist Showcase: Samantha Lloyd, Letlive and Jens Kuross Also 2 interviews: Donna Vaal from WordPress tell us abouts her new book, ‘The living Miracle’. Also Imogen Groome will be chatting about her two autistic brothers that changed her life and look at their unique characteristics.

Write One Bad-ass Thing About Erotica Okay.  I don’t usually do this… But… The Storm  Breeze capturing quivering petals Electrical pulses sizzling sting Moisture resting releasing expecting Fiery flames pulsate, ignite.  Blooming blossoms gently sway, Veins of fury striking triumphant Spilling liquid gathers relinquishing Sparkling embers branding burning.  Night air surrendering calm… This is two small bits from my book Pandora’s Box -to be published in future. She smiled for him as he winked.  Soo Yin couldn’t remember a single time in the last four months she’d smiled for him.  Her smile swept away the last bits of his resistance.  He leaned into her; penetrating eyes drew her to him.  Tenderly he allowed his lips to touch hers for the briefest of moments.  After releasing her lips he quietly awaited her response.   Pandora slowly opened her eyes to find him close enough to reclaim her.  His long lashes unleashed the desire his eyes smoldered within.  Neither moved as each of them calmed their own trembling desires.  When at last Soo Yin pulled back Pandora felt the ache of his absence. …

Buy: The Living Miracle A Love Story You can buy the Kindle version right now for $9.99. Or you can buy it straight from me for a physical copy for $16.00.  Send me an address and name, and I’ll sign it for you before shipping it out. Please, leave a review. If you go onto LibraryThing I’ve manually added it. I’m working on Kobo, Booklikes, etc. Thanks for all your support. Watch for future interviews, guest appearances, etc.