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Book Trailer: The Living Miracle

  It took me all day -but my book trailer is finished.  There are some little twist I’d like to do but I am pleased.  If you watch this on a large screen some of it comes out a bit grainy and we are working on it. Thanks to my wonderful husband Bob -I couldn’t have done this without you.  Saranghaeyo

A Review of The Living Miracle

Today, I received a very important review of my work. This review was prepared by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,  Midwest Book Review These are a few quotes from her review: “The Living Miracle is like no other.” “…hard to put down.” “Both religious readers and secular followers will find The Living Miracle an intriguing and gripping story of an all-too-possible future altered by one miracle that stands alone as the flame to a bigger fire of hope.” This review will be posted in the April 2016 issue of The Midwest Book Review.  It will also appear on Kobo, Goodreads and Booklikes, plus more. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement.  Thank you to The Midwest Book Review and D. Donovan for giving my novel a blessed beginning.  

Meet the Characters

The Living Miracle A Love Story Meet the Characters Outside of the absence of God, this book takes place in a basically peaceful time.           Those who believe in God, are in hiding. Dr. Izanagi Okamura – Master Okamura is the protagonist.  He is a man, afraid to die.  He believes his mind is far superior –to even a God.  Surviving years, with the transplantation of synthetic organs –he must create life, before it is too late.  Izanagi is from Japan, but comes to America at a young age. Hiroto Okamura – Hiroto is the grandson of Master Okamura.  He is the heir to the financial power, that is -Center of Life.  I chose Hiroto as my Hero’s name, from the lead male in a Japanese drama.  I loved the drama, and the actor.  Okamura comes from a student I had, from Japan –whose last name was the same.  She was a sweet girl, and her name has just stayed with me. La’Besa Okamura – L4-13354 – La’Bessa is the living miracle.  She began as …

Just Jot It January 9,2016

Just Jot It January 9th – Title #SoCS   Jot – Title I can’t find any rules that say you can’t write about your own book -so that is my jot for today. The Living Miracle A Love Story -available on Amazon Feb/March 2016.  This is what will be my back cover description.  This is the first time, I am revealing this.  I hope it leaves you interested. Is Izanagi Okamura a monster or just a man afraid to die?    There is a new world without God, sorrow or love for others, only self.  One man attempts to control life.  Another tries to reintroduce it.    Hiroto Okamura is given a doll, L4-13354, for his birthday.  He quickly discovers that she is special.  Together, they struggle to hide her secret until it is time to reveal her true existence.  A greedy perfect world; the choice between morality and covetousness; and the created life that will change everything.  This story takes Hiroto on a journey through life, love, passion, death and spiritual growth.  The devotion this two innocent …

Tribute for Choi Min Ho Birthday

I am feeling generous today, since it is Choi Min Ho’s Birthday.  I am going to release the romance novel that I wrote for him, until Sunday.  A Shinee Love Story   Chapter 1   “Umma.  Where are you U-mma?”  Ari sat on the leather recliner with a Kleenex box on her lap and tissues pressed against her nose.  As she gasped for breath, she continued to yell for her mother.  “Um-ma, come here.  He’s screaming at her to wait for him!”   Mrs. Kim came into the basement from upstairs.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.   “U-m-m-a, come watch this.  It’s so”, a coughing spasm interrupted her. “—sad!”  She continued only after grabbing a few more Kleenexes and blowing her nose.  “This girl is going back to America and he didn’t find out in time to say good-bye.”  Ari reached up to pull her mother down onto the armchair.  By taking her hands away from her face, she uncovered black streaks of mascara, swollen red eyes and a cherry red nose.  Ari’s shoulders jerked as …