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#SoCS – Be   Word -Be Be -you!  Why fight it?  If we live our lives pretending -what is the point of living? At one time I ran from the world because I knew I wouldn’t be accepted, now I face it -screaming I will be, me. I’m not alone.  Many of you also run from the world.  We stay hidden in our little spaces that we love, typing words, one after the other, sharing our thoughts -because thoughts keep us safe from others. We are afraid.  And here, we are safe. What a great feeling to have friends who never judge us.  We are not criticized for our clothes, our weight, our minds, our actions.  Why?  Because we are only words. Glorious words that fill the void of people. I’m not angry.  This life isn’t about a house full of friends, being invited to parties, and being the person everyone wants to talk to at the local basketball game.  My life, your life, our lives are about our words.  That is who we were …

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

#SoCS – Reality SoCS -Real/Reality Life has been moving so fast, I haven’t found time to remember it’s Saturday. I’m not convinced anything on earth is real.  Sometimes I think we will wake up and realize we’ve only been dreaming.    I once believed in my thoughts -what appeared within, will appear before me.  I was so convinced -it often distorted my views.  Yet, for me, it was very real.  Crazy, huh? Isn’t that life?  We believe what we wish to believe and everyone else is the stupid one.  Politics -If this is your passion, you will be convinced your choice is the correct one. Children -If you believe girls are a burden; you will believe all girls are a burden. Religion -If you believe two, our more religions are a perfect fit; you will become a bi-religion (just made that up, hehe).  Apparently, bi-religion has already been taken, shucks! Family -If you believe your children will be better off without living with their other parent full time; you will get a divorce when the mood …

Washington D.C. Trip

I am back from Washington D.C.  My daughters school takes a trip every two years.  Four days of riding a bus, and 6 to 10 miles of walking per day.  By the last day, my feet were swollen clear up into my calves.  Painful! I have so many words and pictures to share, but it will take me a few days -as I need to restore my body to its normal state of relaxation. Can’t hardly wait to tell you about this adventure.

I Found Me!

<a href=””>Toot Your Horn</a> my heartstrings…fiddledeedee I believe I’ve found myself.  I pour out my heart each time I talk about the children who have cancer, foster children, adopting and my own family and pets. I also pour out my heart for each of you and the friendship that is building between us.  It is for these reasons I felt that a place for my heart -was me. A couple of times, I’ve watched a Korean drama where they discussed the story of the heartstring.  When two people fall in love, a string ties their heats together.  When you unroll the string -they are still one. No matter where I am, or what I am doing -I am tied to you and my family.  Each of you are holding a small portion of my heartstring -and there is still more to share. When you play the fiddle, my strings will stutter -deedeedeedeedee. Thanks for all of your advice and help! Dee

Finding My Unique Voice

As I continue to evaluate my blog, my brand, and who I am -I was given advice my a wonderful blogger.  Jacqueline at A Cooking Pot and Twistedtales, called my blog a pot-pourri. What a wonderful description of who I am and what my blog is about.  When I first began writing on-line, I wanted to reach out to others and write.  It was that simple!  I love to write. If I could connect with other people, share in this love -then my words would have meaning.  Writing, without being read -is like painting without color. Now, I must find the real me.  What am I trying to say -what is my blog voice. To sell my novels –selfish but true To make friends across the world –connecting Share my words –my words are the best of me Healing –so much of me has healed but I want to be whole Learning –there is so much each of you will teach me Through this adventure I have chosen a new theme for my blogsite.  There …