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My Friend: Lord David Prosser

My Barsetshire Diary By: Lord David Prosser Publisher: Mediablvd Above you will see one of Lord David Prosser’s books on Amazon.  I urge you to take a look at these wonderfully hilarious tales.  I just read one that left me rolling in laughter as I learned of the lengths a man will go to -in order to keep the truth from his wife, abide by her wishes, and hide his secret with minty flavored toothpaste Lord David writes to entertain the heart, while keeping the mind waiting to discover the next page, the next story, the next tale. If you are unable to wait,  read more of his writing at his blog: More books by Lord Prosser The Queen’s Envoy More Barsetshire Diaries Memoir’s of a Superior The Animal Tale’s for Toddlers and Up  

A Review of The Living Miracle

Today, I received a very important review of my work. This review was prepared by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer,  Midwest Book Review These are a few quotes from her review: “The Living Miracle is like no other.” “…hard to put down.” “Both religious readers and secular followers will find The Living Miracle an intriguing and gripping story of an all-too-possible future altered by one miracle that stands alone as the flame to a bigger fire of hope.” This review will be posted in the April 2016 issue of The Midwest Book Review.  It will also appear on Kobo, Goodreads and Booklikes, plus more. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement.  Thank you to The Midwest Book Review and D. Donovan for giving my novel a blessed beginning.  

Contact Me? Please do!

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an author and editor, offering advice to writers.  Her blog posts are worth reading, if you are seriously pursuing a career in writing. Today’s post expressed the importance of an informative “About Me” page, on our website.  I hesitate to place my phone number on my website, but I understood how frustrating not being able to reach a contact can be. Accepting her words, I intend to make myself available to those who wish to reach me.  Whether you wish to ask me a question, or purchase my work, I intend to respond, personally.  I am always willing to accept praise -hint, hint! Here is my contact information:;;; and


I have been honored by these words on the site: Art4All Thank you Joan Dee Vaal According to her bio, Dee thinks she isn’t creative. But I disagree. Her poem, The Storm, has incredible visual imagery in it. Check it out and let her know by “liking” it.