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Foreign Drama -K2

The K2/ Deo Keitu 16 episodes 2016 Can Ji Chang Wook be more powerful then he was in Healer? Yes. Yes. Yes!  Chang Wook is a monster in this movie.  The fight scenes were amazing and his character was, what can I say?  Sexy, macho, intimidating, manly, powerful, (do you want me to keep going or stop?) gorgeous, endearing… Okay, aleso -I will stop. Yoona is always entertaining, whether singing, dancing or acting.  I loved her in Love Rain (one of my all time favs) and she showed her talents here also.  My only problem is the writing.  Oh my gosh, did they make her a weak and pathetic creature. At the same time Yoona brought out a strength that was admirable and gutsy.  If I were a child in her same circumstances and as withdrawn and mentally disrupted would I have the strength to escape into an unknown world over and over, without a support system, or face death to be next to the men I loved?  I don’t know.  Yoona is a singer with …

Foreign Drama -Whirlwind Girl 2

Whirlwind Girl 2 36 episodes 2016 Viki At first, I was so excited to see Ji Chang Wook in a Chinese Drama.  That was until I recognized how few scenes he was in.  He doesn’t become more of a focus until the last ten episodes. Anyone who’s seen Healer, knows Chang Wook can throw a punch or land a kick so watching him face-off with others was a thrill.  However, in this drama he’s suffered a knee injury which as all but ended his career in martial arts.  That doesn’t mean he can’t teach! An Yue Xi (Qi Bai Cao) is a talented young lady with a warm, innocent smile and a mean kick.  A few of the scenes with the actors flying around to perform triple whirlwind kicks was all a bit to fake for me but overall the competitions were fun to watch.  This drama, there was also a season one) appears to be her first lead role.  The first time she starred with another young actor, I’m watching in Love O2O –Jing Boran. …

Foreign Drama -New Dramas on

New Dramas Out Now! Lee Jong Suk and Han Kyo Joo are starring in the new drama – W.  It is a Taiwanese drama and only available (I am unsure if this will change) on  I can’t wait to dive into Jong Suk’s new drama. Another drama on Viki is Ji Chang Wook’s new drama, co-starring An Yui Zi,  Whirlwind Girl 2. Ice Fantasy starring Feng Shao Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tian Yu, Zhang Meng.  This Chinese drama, available on Viki, looks like an epic new romantic sci-fi. I don’t have a subscription to, so I will have to suffer through the commercials (and lock-ups), but these dramas look like they are worth the suffering.

Foreign Drama -Smile Donghae

Smile Donghae 2010-2011 Hulu 159 episodes +3 I started watching this drama because Ji Chang Wook was the star.  I was hesitant, with so many episodes.  I just don’t like more than 30 episodes, or they add too much fill, that makes me batty. With the exception of Empress Ki.  No, I didn’t watch every episode of Empress Ki (also starring Ji Chang Wook) but it was because those episodes were just to gut wrenching for me to sit through. So, I stayed with this drama, skipping a couple here and there after about 71 episodes.  Oh, my gosh -was it long!!!! Why did I rate this with only a 3, when Chang Wook was in it?  Simple, Anna! Yes, Do Ji Won was fantastic at portraying a mentally challenged woman.  However, her character was either crying, acting like a very young child (that could not possibly raise a child on her own), or screaming James, over and over and over and over.  I wanted to tape her mouth shut!  How can anybody pull off …

Korean Actor

Ji Chang Wook in Healer.  This drama is one of the best kisses  I have ever watched.  Still, you can never talk about Chang Wook without including his performance in Empress Ki.  The video below is an excellent example of the beauty to this drama.  It is 51 episodes, but worth every minute.  These two give the performance of a lifetime.  Yes, I will always include Ha Ji Won, when discussing any of her films.  Together, they are magic! Ji Chang Wook was born July 5, 1987.  The background music, To A Butterfly, is sang by Chang Wook -showing off his musical talents.  He received his acclaim in Smile Again 2010-11. Drama’s I’ve watched: Five Fingers +4 Empress Ki 2013-14 +5 Healer 2014-15 +5 His latest drama is Mr. Right -a 2016 Chinese drama, which does not appear to be available in America yet.  At least not through Drama Fever or Viki.  Hopefully, it will be soon.