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Lee Jinki Lee Jinki, Shinee’s Onew, has announced he will begin his enlistment for mandatory duty in South Korean military on December 10, 2018. I am beside myself with sadness.  I am not sure what will happen to Shinee with the unreturnable loss of Jonghyun -and now Onew’s enlistment. By the time they release him from duty it will be time for Minho and Key to join.  Then once they‘re released, Taemin will join.  Will Shinee heal from this?  Only time will tell, but I fear the worst even as I hope for the best. For a part, I’m not worried about Taemin, Minho and Key.  Taemin has a strong soloist career.  Key has produced his first release as a soloist and Minho has developed a career in acting.  But, what about Onew? Onew began his acting career, but it was cut short when he was wrongfully arrested.  He’s had a few duets that did well, but a solo career is something he hasn’t shot for.  He released the song, In Your Eyes, from the …

Kim Jonghyun Memorial Poem

My poem for Jonghyun’s Memorial Book The White Butterfly by: Donna D. Vaal Silent and graceful flies the white butterfly A masterpiece in rhythm. Beating wings carry memories Of laughter far away. A gift of agony A broken smile Tears scattered in my lonely memories. Cherished moments mask my trembling heart. A final breath of misery Plays with me dazzling in the blue moon Singing hallelujah. Why have you left us, Jonghyun?

irumeur…Where Have I Been?

Our basement was ruined by ground water and insurance refused to help cover damage.  We’ve spent months rebuilding and my office only just got put back together.  It’s been a rough few months and there is still much work to be done, without enough hours. I have much to write about but for now I will remain in hiatus.  I’m struggling with the absence of Onew and now the death of our beloved, Kim Jonghyun.  Shinee is my happy place. Depressed?  Yes… Since Onew disappeared on August 12, 2017 along with the fear of losing Shinee in my life had been difficult.  If you read my blog you know I love every member of the band.  Minho and Onew are my 1st’s, but I love each of them. I was focused on fighting for the return of our Onew as, I believe many Shawols were.  We didn’t see the many signs our Jonghyunnie left us.  I often wonder if he sat in that lonely apartment wondering if we would guess in time.  We didn’t. His …

Foreign Music

Shinee If you have not yet given yourself over to the pleasure of voice, dance, and beauty of a Shinee World -it is time! Five talented men, will win you over as their notes blend and seduce. Synchronized movements tantalizing your temptations are largely responsible for their worldwide acclaim. Korean men, with their thick lush hair, big eyes, and strong jaw lines are some of the most beautiful men gracing our world.  My Hangul is still weak, but I understand their words, as they flow inside me with meaning. It is no secret among my friends and family that I am completely taken by these boys.  Nor, is it a secret that I took a bus to NYC, just to see Choi Min Ho (which failed). Listening to Onew’s voice, Jonghyun’s electrifying vocals, Key’s pure talent, Taemin’s little boy charm, and the pure raw physical talent of Min Ho will mesmerize you, leaving you hungering for more.