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Foreign Drama -Good Morning Call

Good Morning Call-p1.jpg

Good Morning Call

Netflix Original

Japanese Drama 2016 17 episodes

You may find this drama too ridiculous to watch, but I loved it.  Since most of my time in front of the screen was while I bathed, my skin wrinkled daily as I sat through each episode (one at a time) soaking in the tub.

No, it wasn’t the best drama I’ve seen.  The acting parts were silly at times.  I even wanted to tie Nao’s arms to her sides on occasion, but I adored this drama.  You have to look past the whole manga theme and appreciate the simplicity of these lives.

Questions: How can one girl be loved by so many men and not have an ego as big as Uehara’s?  Once more, why is she always oblivious of the men who love her?

Watch the drama and maybe you will see the same thing that captured my eye.  It is a sweet drama about a boy and girl who love each other.  The girl couldn’t possibly be more giddy and open about her feelings.  The boy, he struggles giving love and showing love -so when he does show her his feelings, these moments are more special.

My only complaint would be the kiss scenes.  Okay, we can do better here.  Although, the acting around the kiss -still touched my heart.

 Haruka Fukuhara – (Nao Yoshikawa) turns 20 this August.  I don’t often get a chance to watch Japanese dramas so this is my first time to see all of the actors in action.  Haruka plays a goofy, manga style character who can be annoying if you think of a real person behaving so ridiculously.  But, Nao is a manga character.  To play this part any less ridiculous than Haruka did -would take away from the intended style.  For me, she was adorable, fun-loving and sincere.

Shunya Shiraishi -(Hisashi Uehara) also has a birthday in August.  He will be 28 years old this year.  Wow!  I never saw that one coming.  Maybe 25? Anyway, he’s made a ton of movies going back to 2008, so he must be popular.  He didn’t make his first drama until 2010.  His character was serious, distant, and only shared moments of tenderness.  The further you get through the drama the more tenderness he reveals but you have to wait for them.  Yet, I love this type of man (in drama’s only).  Their confident strength in a real turn-on.  I’m surprised by his hair style which I didn’t think complimented his strong features.  Actually, when he ran and his hair blew out of his face is when I found him most attractive.  Still, he was perfect for the part of Uehara.

 Yosuke Sugino -(Natsume) I’ve left a message asking AsianWiki why he is not included as a cast member.  I had to do some searching to find him.  At 185 cm, this boy was my personal favorite in the drama.  His character was sweet, flirty, confident, kind, and persistently patient. This boy, who turns 23 years old in September, began his acting career in 2016.  He’s made four dramas (that I know of), with two of them being in 2017 -so he must be in demand.  With four movies (3 in 2017), he has one new movie in 2018, Anoko no Toriko.  Yep, I wasn’t the only one who liked him.

Dori Sakurada-p02.jpg Dori Sakuarda -(Daichi Shinozaki) was my second favorite hottie.  This 26 year old began his career in 2007, and scored parts in both dramas and movies since then.  He made three dramas in 2017 and one movie.  Busy boy.  He didn’t have a huge role, but he always stood out.

Kentaro-p1.jpg Kentaro -(Icchan or Issei) began his career in 2014 and already has several dramas and movies completed.  Three dramas and five movies in 2017.  Are you impressed?  I am.  He is either already working on or, scheduled to perform in 1 drama and three movies for this year (2018).  Wow!  He had a fairly big role in Season 1 and disappeared in Season 2.  I found this disappointing as I really liked his character.

Koya Nagasawa-p01.jpg Koya Nagasawa -(Abe)  Normally I would have only mentioned him briefly but Koya is new to the industry.  His first drama was Siren -2015.  He was only in episode 5.  That means this young actor won a substantial part in Good Morning Call.  I thought he did a fantastic job with his character.  Way to Go!

 Yoshida Madoka -(Ota Kayo) I loved this girl.  Small part and great hairdo.

Other actors:

  1. Moe Arai
  2. Shugo Nagashima
  3. Hinako Tanaka
  4. Takahashi Maryjun


Cinematography 9
Script 9
Music 8
Acting 9
Story 9
Total Score 8.8

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