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Book -Crossing Boarders

Crossing Boarders by Debra Sue Brice I met Debra Brice at the Akron Readers & Writers Book Expo, this last Saturday.  There was probably 40 authors there, with lots of amazing titles.  Debra and I were prepared to speak during the Christian Fiction panel.  Since the whole expo was pretty much a bust, Debra and I got to know each other. We exchanged novels, and I took Crossing Boarders back to my sisters house and began reading it.  I finished the novel that night and loved it. If you love horses, and dressage this book will bring back so many thrilling moments you’ve spent in the saddle.  Several times I burst out laughing with the witty one-liners Debra added to this novella. Not only did book bring back memories, it also had a sweet little romance where the up-and-coming champion female trainee and the barn manager discover unexpected feelings for one another. This book is great for young teenagers, but if you are an old woman (like me) who loves to read about horses -you’ll enjoy …

Getting Your Book in the Libraries

I just read a fascinating article about getting your books into the libraries.  Unfortunately, you have to get a number from the Library of Congress -prior to your book being published.  I wish I would have known this sooner. Yes, my book is still sitting at the publishers -awaiting those final tidbits of information.  Just this morning I approved the front and back cover for print.  Next, there is preparing the promotion, while my book is at the press.  Soon -yet, not soon enough! So, I should just be able to apply, since it is not physically printed.  Wrong -you have to have the number printed inside the book -for the whole thing to work. Great! If I do an extra delay, and take the time to apply for this number -then had it printed in the book, it will seriously delay my publication date.  I’ve already paid to attend the Dayton Book Expo.  Have I made a mistake?  I am sure hoping I haven’t.  Life is a scary adventure.  The mistakes we make can well …

My eBook has been published

Originally posted on The Kingdom:
Hi fellow bloggers, you haven’t heard from me lately because I’ve been working on my book.  I’ve finally got the EPUB, PDF versions and Kindle versions published. You’ll see I’ve put a Facebook widget on the blog.  It will take you to the book page.  You can like me there, but I can’t return the compliment.  I’ve built an ordinary Facebook page to link to it, where I can interact with you. There are also links to Lulu and Amazon if you want to buy the eBook. I’ve made a video of the story, based on the book synopsis, which I’ve been told is awesome. If you haven’t seen it on the book Facebook page, here it is. The Kingdom – Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams Thanks for following me, and I look forward to hearing from you.

New Book – LEAVE YOUR MARK by Aliza Licht

I went to Barnes & Nobles today.  I love to go there, pull a book off the shelve and curl up somewhere to read it.  Today’s book, Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht. Ms. Licht works for a fashion magazine.  Upon learning her field of expertise I wondered, “What could she offer me?” Two hours later, I learned a wealth of information.  I’ve learned through my journey of self-publishing, to learn from many teachers, rather than a few.  There are so many people willing to share their success tips.  Their books, blogs or publications could have a special bit of information, that seems to be written with you in mind. Leave Your Mark is a business person’s dream come true.  Whether you are in fashion, an assistant, or a writer, like me, this book will bring to light many important ideas to help you be successful. Grab yourself a copy and dive into the world of business.