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Kim Jonghyun Memorial Poem

My poem for Jonghyun’s Memorial Book The White Butterfly by: Donna D. Vaal Silent and graceful flies the white butterfly A masterpiece in rhythm. Beating wings carry memories Of laughter far away. A gift of agony A broken smile Tears scattered in my lonely memories. Cherished moments mask my trembling heart. A final breath of misery Plays with me dazzling in the blue moon Singing hallelujah. Why have you left us, Jonghyun?


   UNWANTED   i reach for you touch you d e n i e d i feel dirty disgusting Ashamed Am I loved? Do you need me?         L        O          S         T        !  

Love L Day!

Today, 7 years ago -we adopted our wonderful daughter.  She was 7 years old -so she has now shared half her life with us. I’ll never forget her tiny face with those huge dark eyes, and the short crop of black hair.  As she ran down the hall, her smile was beaming.  I was looking at my daughter, and I loved her. The honeymoon stage didn’t last long, and we began our long journey of bringing this little girl to a safe place, where she could thrive, and grow, confident and strong.  As challenging as these moments may have been -most on the outside never knew the struggles she faced.  That bright eyed child could instantly turn from hysteria -to the bright eyed child that greeted us that first day. The day after L came home, we took her to the zoo.  It has always been a special treat, for me, to spend time with the animals.  M (our other 14 year old -was plenty use to walking around the zoo.  We’d gone regularly, since …

The Sounds of Laughter

The sounds of laughter reach me, through the walls. Seated –I write, it’s what I do, Never far, from you. I hear their voices ride the air, Sealing these memories with devotion, as they share.   Family is everything as we walk through this world Breaking through the limits of love And cracking the barriers of distance, Bringing joy, in a world of sadness.   Togetherness we bequeath, through moments. Squeezing out the stress and madness. I sit alone, in this room of mine, Writing in silence.   The quiet, brings the sounds of laughter closer, Swirling them into the voice, of our family.


Alone – Seule!   My screams are silent. I am alone.  One. Do not run. Stay!   L I V E !   Acceptance. I am still.  Quiet. Strength is within. I will face, what I must.   I A M !   No tears! I cry out, “Why me, God?” Wondering.  Does he hear? “Je suis seule.” H U M B L E D !   Thank you, Father! Through suffering, I know their pain.   Guide me, As I fight, for them.   To be humble, I think…is my gift!  


Adventure ©  Often I dream of adventure Where passion and splendor soothes my surrender My body aches with an unrest That leaves me breathless at best And inspires my ghost to come forward releasing my essence of euphoria  I shake and tremble with lavish display To bring forth my spirit and allow it to play  Your touch upon me brings together an assemblage of ripples That collides in my center and prepares to battle on my soul I cannot stop the struggle inside me I must continue the with the riding of the waves Until the tide has completely risen Allowing the release of my tension When the passion has risen and the ghost is relaxed In a tumult of indecision.


UNWANTED i reach for you touch you d e n i e d i feel dirty disgusting Ashamed Am I loved? Do you need me?         L        O          S         T !