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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 6/16


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What do I do with my finger?  Is there something to write about?  Thanks, Linda, for giving us such  a wonderful word to fill our Saturday brains.  Let’s not forget for encouraging us along.

My fingers on a calculator, punching out numbers -adding, subtracting, multiplication and division.  I like the way it feels, to hold my hand in position, pop, pop, popping on the keys -and never once giving into the temptation of looking down.

7     8     9

4     5     6

1     2     3

The figures must be gathered to discover the ending.

As I sweep across my keyboard, writing this post -I wonder how many letters do I strike per minute.  I am fast -I know I am.  Yet, am I faster than you?  Do I care?  I think I do!  Yes, I want to pump out more words per second and see the results.  Reading and re-reading each sentence, each line -only then, can I relax.

A day will come when my fingers do not work as they do now.  How will I tell my story -without them?  It is this very act of punching keys that I am able to give my words to the world -and rest.  Will it bring me the same satisfaction -if someone else is pop, pop, popping the keyboard, as I talk?  I don’t know!

The soothing sound blends with the movement of my fingers flying across those keys -spurring me on.  The words spill from my mind, to my fingers -as they scurry back and forth.  Will these words form as they do now -when I can no longer see them on the screen -as they are thought?

Can I make this change to my toes?  I think…I cannot!




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I am a mother of 16 children and grandchildren. Some of them are by blood and the rest by heart. I was a foster mom for a few years and the children I cared for during that time have mostly stayed with me through the years. I love to write, read, dance, paint, and play with my animals. I enjoy dressage riding and just being in the barn. My words are my gift, as they allow you to know me as I really am. Thanks for joining me on this ride of life!


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