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Foreign Drama -Whirlwind Girl 2

The Whirlwind Girl 2

Whirlwind Girl 2

36 episodes 2016 Viki

At first, I was so excited to see Ji Chang Wook in a Chinese Drama.  That was until I recognized how few scenes he was in.  He doesn’t become more of a focus until the last ten episodes.

Anyone who’s seen Healer, knows Chang Wook can throw a punch or land a kick so watching him face-off with others was a thrill.  However, in this drama he’s suffered a knee injury which as all but ended his career in martial arts.  That doesn’t mean he can’t teach!

An Yue Xi (Qi Bai Cao) is a talented young lady with a warm, innocent smile and a mean kick.  A few of the scenes with the actors flying around to perform triple whirlwind kicks was all a bit to fake for me but overall the competitions were fun to watch.  This drama, there was also a season one) appears to be her first lead role.  The first time she starred with another young actor, I’m watching in Love O2OJing Boran.

Chen Sean has had nearly as many leading roles as supporting roles in his career.  He is a cutie!  In this drama, he is a highly recognized leader in marital arts and very wealthy to boot.

Wu Leo also plays a respected martial arts instructor.  He doesn’t have a big role, but he’s cute enough to mention.

Guo Fiction was one of my favorite characters in the drama.  He was goofy, bubbly and super entertaining.  The comedy relief seldom catches my attention, but Fiction did.  This is his second drama, so I expect he will really begin to shine.

There were lots of other performers -to many to keep track of.  Most of them to silly and pathetic to mention.

Overall, this drama wasn’t a drama I would watch.  It isn’t that I don’t like romance, and action mingled into one but the action in this drama was fake, fake, fake.  The romance was the best part and add the love triangle a you have some scenes worth catching.

As much as I love Chang Wook -I would say he was the sole reason I stayed with this drama -but hold on, it isn’t long until he is back with K2.  This one will be something to sink your teeth into.

The ending was sad -not the kind of sad you would be thinking.  Sad, as in very bad.  They spent half of one episode and nearly the full length of the episode recapping the relationship between the two main characters.  At the end, she still basically pushes him away.  The most exciting moment in this drama is a couple of kisses on the forehead.  Now, we all know Chang Wook can do MUCH better than that.

Cinematography  5
Script  5
Music  5
Acting  7
Story 5
Total Score  5.4









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