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Foreign Drama -Love & Life & Lie

Love & Life & Lie

Love & Life & Lie

41 episodes 2017

This is only on Viki, that I’ve found.  This is a story about two babies who were accidently switched at birth.  One is poor and the other is spoiled and cruel.  She will do anything to have the man she wants.  An who she wants is Li Yao Nan, played by Chen Xiao began his acting career in 1997.  He is a Chinese actor who has performed in many films, including Detective DeeLegend of Lu Zhen was his first leading role and earned a 9.3 rating on Viki.

Zhou Dongyu portrays a character who loves everyone but she can be fierce in protecting herself and her mother.  This temperament lands her in all kinds of trouble with the Ji family.  Even though Dong Yu has had many roles in her short career, this is the only film available on Viki.

Ye Julia can convince us her character must be truly the most spoiled self absorbed child a family could ever raise.  She will stop at nothing, and even make plans with a horrible man to hurt others, in order to win.  The only films I recognize that she has previously acted in are Scarlet Heart and Scarlet Heart 2.  Scarlet Heart is available on Drama Fever and was made in China, 2011.

Merat or Mi Re.  His character feels cheated by his older brother who is his father’s only legitimate child. He wants what his brother has, and will have.  All that is Yao Nan’s he will destroy, or own.  Violence, trickery and manipulation are his means to win.  But can he?

This drama really had me hooked until about episode 31.  It received a 8.7 rating on Viki but even the translations dwindled away after this episode.  By the last few only 33% translation was the norm.  This was disappointing because many things happened that I would have loved to read what they said.

I skipped much from episode 31 on.  Why? I really wanted Zhu Zhen’s brother (I don’t know who he is) to be a good man.  When I discovered he was faking his cancer to get Xin Tong to stay by his side -it was too much!  It was the final deceit I could not handle.  I have never liked the deceitful nature of these dramas but I can handle a few.  Many times in these shows that last over 23 episodes, they get to the point of ridiculous.

That being said, the love between your leading characters is adorable.  The scene where Xin Tong learns of his love is pathetic to the point you have to smile, and watching them cry over one another feels real.  This makes for a great drama -if we could leave out the useless crap.  Did nearly everyone in this drama have to be such a horrible person?  Was the only good people Xin Tong, Yao Nan, Zhi Zhen’s dad and the female cousin?

Xin Tong’s mom is mean to her. Zhi Zhen is horrible to everyone. Ouyang is vicious and cruel. Zhi Zhens mom, played by Liu Xue Hua, is rude with a superiority complex.  The list goes on.  If they would have left out several episodes and kept up with the translations I would have scored this drama higher, as much of it I loved.

Cinematography 9
Script 8
Music 6
Acting 8
Story 7
Total Score 7.6





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